Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spending a penny

I've got a bit of an unusual problem. I can't say I've suffered from it before. And I don't think I can get a cream that will help clear it up.

It's rather embarrassing, but … I just can't seem to spend any money at the moment.

OK, by that I don't mean essential things like food, petrol, bills, the mortgage, trips to the cinema, and sexy haircuts (of which I had a rather lovely one today, thank you very much), but rather things that I want because I'm a) usually a bit of a shopping whore, and b) love shiny new things.

Recently, for example, I've had a few things that I've wanted to pick-up, such as a new pair of jeans. I actually already have a few pairs of jeans, but they're generally quite baggy and I thought I might get a slimmer, slightly posher pair - y'know, something that would go nicely with my posh new shoes. Ooo, you might say. Ooo indeed. And in fact I've actually seen a couple of pairs I like on a clothes website - and unusually for me they're actually reasonably priced. Unfortunately for me, though, the first pair I liked mysteriously disappeared from the website, while the second pair isn't available in my size. Bugger.

Case in point numero deux: in anticipation of The Dark Knight, I've been doing some Batman-prep. Last weekend I watched Tim Burton's Batman, and just moments before writing this I finished watching Batman Begins. It's all good Bat-based fun, but it doesn't - or rather shouldn't - end there. Because next in my Bat-to-watch list is Batman: Gotham Knight, the animated DVD that bridges the gap between Begins and Dark Knight. On Monday lunchtime I actually had a copy in my grubby little paws in HMV, but I put it back because I thought Amazon would be cheaper. And they are. But then I forgot to order it. Cue today, where despite trips to both Kingston and Staines, during which I visited two branches of HMV, two WHSmiths, a Borders, and (*shudder*) two Woolworths, I could not for love nor money buy a Gotham Knights DVD. I could've, if I wanted to, buy it in a boxset with Batman Begins, but I don't need a second copy of Batman Begins; or I could've bought the Blu-ray version, but I neither have nor want a Blu-ray player. I s'pose I could've rented it or bought it from iTunes, but there's still a few things that I like to buy where I have something tangible that I can hold in my hands and rub on my face. Anyway, I've now ordered it from Amazon, but there's a distinct possibility that it won't turn up by next weekend when I'm planning to go see The Dark Knight, and that kinda ruins the whole Bat-planning thing I've had going on.


What else? Oh yeah, I'd seen a couple of tops I'd liked the look of online, but when I saw them in the shops today I really wasn't terribly impressed, so I didn't even bother to try them on. I just looked at them disdainfully then wandered off. The extent of my spending today, aside from the snappy new haircut, was a double espresso and two car park tickets.

Hopefully I'll get the chance to rectify this terrible situation at some point, because I know from experience that if I don't the shivers will kick in, swiftly followed by a cold sweat. 


Am I the only one to find this funny? I saw this on iTunes and it made me laugh.

It looks like Wall•E's head has been attached to a sexy lady body! Tee-hee!


Dinah said...

Whoa - get out of my head! Sort of. I just saw The Dark Knight (aaaaamazing) and just bought some jeans, including a fancy pair! And a top! Sadly, I had no trouble spending the money, but I haven't bought a pair of jeans in awhile so I was definitely due.

WillowC said...

I have the opposite problem and am more than willing to help out by spending your money for you. On things you'd have liked, obviously.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Yep. Same problem here, too. I've just bought two summer shirts (in case we get a summer) for work, but couldn't bring myself to purchase a delightful orange T-shirt with silver dots on - Trust me, it looks better than it sounds.
I saw some jeans in my size and "meh"ed at them - I always by jeans when I see them in my size as I never know when I'll see another pair.
I couldn't find the latest DS9 book Fearful Symmetry, so I bought The Margarets instead, which doesn't really count as I was going to buy a book anyway. Plus, I ignored loads of other books.

Wall.E does look amusing, I'll grant you.

P.S. Will you take some photos of yourself on the days when you're wearing those not-bought-tops? Rawr!

watch*paint*dry said...

I hear you, I can't spend any money either, but mainly because the bank will send the heavies roound. I saw a top I likd, went to get it and there was a queue snaking through the shop and almost onto the pavement, ok ok there were 5 people ahead of me. I waited for long enough to change my mind. No top. I seriously need to buy clothes, there are actual holes in most of my clothes or paint all over them.

How about a shopping trip? Willow will sort us out.

PS: Just watched a Dark Knight special. Christian Bale got all kinds of mixed up accent now, but everso easy to look at.

T-Bird said...

Super Number One Batman! I am going to see it next weekend too! I can't wait!

Those jeans are simply awesome. You should totally get a pair just like them. I saw some in a mannequine (not Kim Catrall) yesterday with an oh so cute vest and buttoned down shirt combo.

I would love to be a personal shopper. Get the jeans and a light vest! DO IT!!

Hehe. Wall-E and Micah - the perfect cybernetic organism.

Tim said...

Dinah - PSYCHIC LINK!!! Ooo, what am I thinking about now!? I'm glad you thought The Dark Knight was awesome -it's made me feel even more excited about it! And a film and shopping trip rolled into one? I like the cut of your gib!

Willowc - Now letting you spend my money is just taking all the fun out of it, isn't it? Hmmm!? Anyway, I'm hoping this is just a temporary blip and I'll be back to my high-impact consumerist ways in no time at all!

Inexplicable Device - An orange top with silver spots?! Good lord - someone call the fashion police or Gok Wan or something! That sounds truly hideous! As for books, well, I've got a bit of a rule in that I'll allow myself to buy as many books as I want (as shown by the stack of books beside my bed) even if I am trying to stick to a budget.

Sorry, no topless shots unless I see plenty of cash coming my way.

Watch*Paint*Dry - Aren't holes fashionable in clothes at the moment? I mean, as long as they're not showing naughties? I could never be bothered to queue to get into a shop.

I saw Bale on a Dark Knight special the other day and yeah, it's all over the place isn't it? Sparky facts: Sparky Ma's cousin's son went to school with Bale.

T-Bird - WHOA! HOLY POTENTIAL BAT-STC COLLISION BATMAN!! I'm so looking forward to Dark Knight. There were some people in Kingston yesterday doing face-painting - I saw two little boys with bat symbols on their faces, and a glum-looking young girl done up to look like the Joker. Made me laugh.

Dude, I would totally buy those jeans if they had them in my size. I keep checking back to see if they've got them back in stock, but no luck so far. Humph! By 'vest' do you mean waistcoat or wife-beater? Because either way I'm sorted - apart from the jeans! Bah!

Tara said...

I wish I had the problem of not being able to spend money. I do that too much. Tim Burton's "Batman" was on last night, so I was watching a little of it.

Wall-E must work out to have that kind of body!

Tim said...

It's annoying, isn't it? When you don't want to spend money you can't help but see things you want, and when you want to spend money you can't see anything you like!


I think Wall•E's had some work done!

watch*paint*dry said...

These kind of holes just make me look poor and scruffy. Actually, I kinda like that, going to only wear clothes with holes in from now on. No naughties though, that would be chavvy and mess with me new shabby chic.

Whoa, Sparky Ma connected! I can't wait for the movie, Bale is awesome. Am going to put on Batman begins right now.

Inexplicable DeVice said...


* steals Tim's book-buying rule *

Blast. No money until the end of the month. I don't know if I can wait that long for topless pics? Unless... I have got just enough cash to buy the orange & silver T-shirt. What if I threaten to wear it at you? Would being spared its hideousness persuade you to go topless?

Tim said...

Watch*Paint*Dry - You do need some holes in clothes, like neck and arm holes. Who's to say that a hee-haw hole might not be this season's next big thing?

Inexplicable Device - Nope. I would, admittedly, recoil in horror at the sight of an orange and silver t-shirt (why would you even consider buying such a thing?), but I would not strip to avoid it.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Drat! That's £9.99 wasted, then.

Tim said...

£9.99?!? Cheap tart!

T-Bird said...

By vest I mean like a sweater vest made out of some natural stuff - like a like wool blend.

It's niiiiiice. According to Borat, anyway.

Tim said...

T-Bird - Oh, a tank-top! I've got one of those! And you mentioning it has inspired me to wear it today!

watch*paint*dry said...

Hee-haw? I heard it called a lot of things but donkey noise is definitely the best! hee hee

I am on a quest for hideous top to wear like you meant it. Should I be blowing a whistle and throwing some shapes to be wearing one like IDVs?

PS: Dark Knight preparations going on for premiere tonight in the Square. I may hang around for a glimpse of His Darkness.

T-Bird said...

Tim, today you need to wear goggles and a wetsuit.

Just flexing my personal stylist muscles.


Tim said...

Watch*Paint*Dry - You haven't heard it called a hee haw? Follow my logic: hee-haw > noise a donkey makes > another word for donkey: ass > ass - front bottom > HEE HAW!!

Do not, repeat DO NOT buy an orange t-shirt with silver spots.

T-Bird - Whoa! It's like I'm on a webcam or something! How are you guessing mah fashionz?!

*adjust goggles*

*squirms slightly - these wetsuits are … snug*

T-Bird said...

I'm in ur internetz, steelin ur thorts.

So why did you change into the crothless leather chaps? ARE YOU SECOND GUESSING MY SWEET SWEET STYLINGS?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

T-Bird: Please continue with your Tim-stylings. This rush of endorphins is most exhilerating. You're fabulous, darling!

Tim said...

T-Bird - Well, yes; that and it's quite warm here this week so I want to make sure everything is kept cool.

Inexplicable Device - THIS ISN'T FOR YOU! Haven't you got an orange monstrosity to go buy?

T-Bird said...

ohoh ohohohoh! I have a cheesey pannini in exchange for crotchless pics. I'll mail it to you!

I can't believe I am about to post that.

Oh well. Sorry people. At least I'm laughing, and for an egomaniac, that's all that matters.

watch*paint*dry said...

I like your thinking Tim, but am not sure I can can say it without laughing. Yeah I am giggling now just thinking about saying it.
I want the IDV top, I could totally pull it off, the top that is, oh god!

LOL! Crotchless leather chaps!

Sadly no pics of His Darkness, Leicester Square gets swamped for premieres and there is a great big tree blocking my view from the office window. I wish I had hung around though, the batmobile was here! Damn!

iPandah said...

Er, I also find that funny.

CyberPete said...

First off I have to mention to a certain person who commented (IDV) that orange doesn't look good on anyone and if I was to be told otherwise I'll have to see it on.

Now, I find that when I have plenty of money I can't seem to spend any and when I don't have much I can't stop shopping.

Case in point I've spent a fortune in the last few months and have put myself on a budget (excluding iPhone purchase obviously)

CyberPete said...

Fab jeans by the way, and the waistcoat idea is pretty damn good.

The wifebeater not so much

Dinah said...

The movie theatre was at the West Edmonton Mall, the biggest mall in the world, so they were practically calling out my name as I left the theatre. Still, I did try to restrain myself.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

* aghast at CyberPetra's comment about a wifebeater not looking good on Tim *

* aghast, I tell you *

'Petra, a wifebeater will look great on Tim. Just think of how much of him will be on show!
As for orange not looking good on anyone: Just you wait!

CyberPete said...

Wifebeaters don't look good on anyone. They are kind of "rough trade" (a term I have picked up over at MJs) and Tim is so not rough trade.

Tim is classy! Don't drag him down into your orange and silver top gutter IDV.

Can't wait to see you in that orange atrocity.

Tim said...

T-Bird - Sorry dude, I just can't get a good angle with the camera…

Watch*Paint*Dry - Say it! Preferably at an inappropriate time - like a meeting! HEE HAW!

iPandah - Damn right you do! Wait - do you mean HEE HAW or leather chaps?

Cyberpete - It's some perverse universal thing, isn't it? I can be rich and buy nothing, or poor and buy everything. Damn you universe! Except the orange and silver top is totally staying on the shop shelf!

I wish I could get those jeans… And I'm sorry, but I love my wifebeaters.

Dinah - WORLD'S. LARGEST. SHOPPING. MALL!? What's the best way to swim to Canadialand?!

Inexplicable Device - It would and it does. Not that you'll ever see it.

Cyberpete - Seriously, wifebeaters are cool. I love mine. I have about four. As for the orange monstrosity - I think this could turn into a companion piece to the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts!

T-Bird said...

Re Wifebeaters:

It just depends on who is wearing them that makes them rough trade or not...

Tim said...

I'm down with the KFed look.