Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend business

I unashamedly spent at least 50 percent of the weekend horizontal in bed.

I'd decided, you see, that I really needed a quality lie-in. I actually set my alarm for a reasonably early time both days, because when I have a lie-in I like to think that it's properly alloted time rather than a "oops, look at the ungodly hour!" sort of thing. This was helped by the fact that I've set the alarm on my iPhone to play the 'Marimba' ringtone, which is a rather lovely little merengue sort of tune. It's very South American. I'd initially considered using the 'Alarm' ringtone, but realised that feeling like you're being woken during a Klingon attack against the Enterprise wouldn't necessarily be the best start to a relaxing day.

So the alarm would go off at 8:30, at which point I'd roll over, tap 'snooze' on my iPhone, then bundle myself up in the duvet for another four hours.

Usually I consider such a thing a total waste of the day, but this time I thought "sod it," and tapped snooze again. I don't have a lie-in of such epic proportions often, and this one rocked.


In the time I actually hauled myself out of bed and into an upright position, I totally developed a new addiction: toast and marmalade. I had examples of each in my cupboards (well, not toast as such, rather a loaf of bread) that were nudging perilously close to being not just past their sell-by date, but waaaaaaaay past their sell-by date. And so, before they had the chance to heave themselves out of the kitchen, and at the risk of serious injury to myself, I decided to eat them.

And by God were they good.

I'll certainly be restocking next time I'm in Sainsburys. Maybe next weekend I'll combine my new pastimes and have toast IN bed.

There's a revolutionary idea.


It wasn't all just chillaxing and ramming old food down my throat, though. Oh no. I did my longest run so far using the Nike+ kit (as ably displayed on the sexy graph to the right)! I actually did this run as a bit of an experiment, because I noticed that when I run with Sweatband she totally baby-steps the whole way, which means I fall into step beside her (except near the end where I sprint away from her at warp speed in an effort to cause upset and humiliation), in contrast to my usual long-legged strides. So last night I made a conscious decision to shorten my strides, resulting in a more consistent run (sorry, no amusing graph-faces this time, kids). And it actually increased my average speed, from 5:34 per km to 5:29. 

On the downside, it killed my legs (seriously, they well 'urt), and Marcosy moaned that the graph didn't give the impression of me running like a loon and waving my arms like a special as I pounded the streets of West London.

Which leaves me with something of a dilemma: do I continue with the shorter strides and more consistent pace, or just go back to running like I'm on crystal meth?


Finally, an appeal - one that makes me sound a but like a teenage girl: I'm at a crossroads, people. I need to do something with my hair, and I don't know whether to go short and scruffy, or aim for long and scruffy. Either way it's going to be scruffy. I'm at the stage where it just looks stupid, and I really feel like I need to have it cut. But part of me thinks that if I just persevere a little longer I could totally grow it out into something longer and grungy. Actually, I'm totally falling into the middle ground between the two dudes from Supernatural. Plus, when my hair's longer it totally does this little flicky thing at the back that makes me look kinda cute…

Um, yeah… So… Er… Thoughts!


missy&chrissy. said...

your "lie-in" weekend sounds lovely...i am majorly craving my duvet and some toast right now.

and our vote is for...long and scuffy! rockstar tim time.

Dinah said...

Oh God, your weekend sounds lovely! I'm generally a fan of short and scruffy but I have a feeling you could also pull off long and scruffy. Which leads to your dilemma, eh?

Tara said...

Well I like the Facebook shot of your short hair, but whatever you decide I'm sure it'll look great. I know about needing a new look. I recently considered getting my hair cut since Summer is approaching, but changed my mind.

Everyone deserves a good sleep-in opportunity. I reserve those days for Sundays usually. That's when I don't set any alarm (because I wind up waking before 9am anyway), take my watch off and just sleeeeeep. It feels good.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

1. Hmmm... Your lie-in sounds lovely. I'm not very good at laying in - I think I need someone in bed with me to encourage me to stay. Tim? You do seem pretty good at it?

2. I don't mind getting up to make your breakfast then bring it back to bed.

3. Crystal meth, definitely!

4. Let's see a recent picture so we can make an informed decision. Perhaps (ihateyou)iPhone could oblige?
I am kind of leaning towards long and flicky...

* remembers this picture *


T-Bird said...

He he he. IDV's number two was awesome. Hey! I just double entendred a double entendre... skill.

As for pace, I say slow and steady. Build up your stamina, dude.

Re: hair. Well, you are the best judge as to what suits you. As far as Supernatural goes - I much prefer the brother with shorter hair. But seriously, go with what suits you.

T-Bird said...

Umm. Scratch that. I just looked at IDV's link. I am going to get all pervy and will probably regret saying this, but even though you look cute with long hair, short hair makes you look waaaaaay more sexy. Rawr.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Actually, I agree with T-Bird. Long hair ups the cuteness factor, but the short hair is "waaaaaay more sexy".
So, you have to grow your hair long, show us a picture, then get it cut short and release the sexiness!

Rawr, indeed!

MJ said...

How about a wig?

You can wear it when you want "cute" and take it off to reveal your short hair when you want "sexy".

skillz said...

OK, I definitely want to see a video post of you eating AS MANY slices of toasts as you can possibly handle until you're on the verge of barfing.

Naturally it'd take a while, so the bonus is it'd have to be one of those hilarious speeded up vids.


Tim said...

Missy&Chrissy - Aw, it was awesome. I can't make a habit of it, though, otherwise I won't feel the benefit when I really need it!

And that's … one for long… (thanks for voting).

It's your fault if I end up looking like a weirdo. More so than usual.

Dinah - Indeed! No sitting on the fence please!

Tara - I never used to set an alarm at the weekend, but I seem to have gotten into the habit of doing it recently. And another fence-sitter! How am I going to know what to do if you lot won't decide for me?!

Inexplicable Device - The only way (1) would happen is if you slipped me rohypnol - which is unlikely as I'm VERY vigilant.

(2) Like a butler? That could work… DeVice - bring me my toast. Then f**k off back to the basement.

(3) Oh, I won't have my staff on non-prescription drugs. Hippy!

(4) Awww, seriously, that's one of the best pictures of me EVAH. That was a totally awesome hair day.

Do you hate iPhone because I love iPhone?

Sorry, but they'll be no pics while I'm in the rubbish-hair middle ground between long and short.

T-Bird - I'll totally be slow and steady when I go for a run in an hour or so. No pain, no gain!

Why is everyone sitting on the fence?

T-Bird the second - That is my favouritist comment EVAH. I might just print that out, frame it, and hang it on my wall. Rawr right back at ya!

IDV - But not at you. Although I kind of agree with the grow it long, cut it short idea.

MJ - That would be faintly ridiculous. I'm not Brittany Spears you know!

Skillz - Ha ha - no way! I actually threw up a little on Saturday night in my porch: true story. Now I've got to go buy some Vanish stain remover for the carpet.

Tara said...

Okay, fine, I will not be a "fence-sitter". ;) Don't mess with your hair. Instead just get an eye patch or a tattoo or something.

Oh and bread is tasty, but so annoying. They're like bananas, once you get them home they rot after a day.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

* ignores butler comment *

What made you spew on Saturday night? Haven't started drinking again, have you? Babycham a bit much, was it?

Shame you didn't cover iPhone...

T-Bird said...

I do a Strega Mama and put bread in the freezer. It lasts longer, and because I only ever use it for toast, I never notice that "thawed out flavah".

I also give full permission for you to use my comment as some sort of a motivational poster next to your bathroom mirror. I won't even charge intellectualy copywrite royalties or whatever!

Tim said...

Tara - I've often thought about getting a tattoo, but I'm quite fickle and would probably change my mind a week later.

Inexplicable Device - It was a most curious incident! I was locking the front door, coughed a bit, then I just opened my mouth and it shot out. There was no retching or heaving … it just shot out.

Don't be rude to iPhone! You're just jealous because I want to touch it all the time. I can't keep my hands off it!

T-Bird - I totally freeze my bread too!

Screw beside the bathroom mirror - I'm steaming it up and inscribing it on there with finger!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I bet you didn't know I'm really a Robot In Disguise and can transform into an iPhone, did you?!

I love it when you slide your finger up and down my screen!

Tim said...

Bearing in mind your technical level is on a par with two bean cans connected by a length of string, I find it highly doubtful that you could approximate anything remotely like an Apple iPhone!

Good day, sir!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

OK, you have me there.

I actually transform into a spinning wheel.

Happy now?!

Tim said...

A square wheel more like, Captain Caveman!

Dinah said...


T-Bird said...

And for those keeping count, Tim is the victor of that bout.

Tim said...

Dinah - I love it when you zing!

T-Bird - Thank you, thank you!


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Tim's been winning a lot lately.

Don't make me up my game...

CyberPete said...

You should definately go with short and scruffy as long and scruffy makes people look like they need a haircut and are hiding it with a hideous hoodie

You look really hot with short hair.

Oh and I have some expired bread you can have. I was gonna go feed the ducks but I'd rather you have it. I don't like birds that much ya know.

T-Bird said...

Up the game, IDV! Up it!!!

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - Like you've got a game to up. Zing!

Cyberpete - Bless you. That's going right on the mirror alongside T-Bird's earlier comment. Except the bit about bread - I'm going to edit that out.

T-Bird - Shouldn't he get a game first?

Dinah said...

Your zing made me laugh, Tim. It's such a great word! And it's made me resolve to be more giving with zings in the future.

Tim said...

You've taught me to appreciate a good zing, Dinah!