Friday, March 07, 2008


Changing my hair's not the only decision I've made this week: I've decided that Angry Tim might be have to be released into the wild a bit more often.

There's a reason for this: twice this week the same person has made comments to me that were, initially, just plain rude, and in the second instant, downright offensive. And as I'm generally a reasonably chilled out person, I stupidly let them slide.

No more, though; oh no. 

Let's review the said comments, and the setting in which they were uttered:

While walking back to my car one evening, I noticed that this individual (not a stranger, I hasten to add), was running down the road after me. I was listening to music on my lovely, lovely iPhone, and as this person can be quite annoying and I was in a bit of a rush, I carried on walking rather than stop and wait. 

Said person then started yelling my name to the point that a random on the street actually stopped me and said that someone was trying to get my attention. Said person then proceeded to lecture me about how people who use iPods are ignorant, and how I was the sort of person who would step out into the road and get knocked down, then blame the driver. I very politely replied that I use my iPod when running, and am always very careful to check for traffic when crossing a road.

My response should've been: "Actually I was just ignoring you because you bore the tits off me."

The second instant was the one that really tipped me over the edge. Said person asked me if I'd be up for playing a particular sport with him, and I said "not at the moment" due to events in my life outside of work involving a member of my family which are taking up a lot of my spare time. 

Said person then proceeded to make what was not only a deeply insensitive, but also incredibly offensive comment 'in jest' about that particular member of my family. Somewhat startled, I snapped back, indicating (far too politely, in hindsight) that the conversation was over.

My response should've been: "F**k off, t**t."

So that second example took place two days ago, and I keep thinking about it because I am genuinely shocked that some people think it's fine and dandy to be so insensitive to someone who, I'm not afraid to admit, has been through a bit of an emotional wringer over the last four weeks.

Which is where Angry Tim comes in. Because if said person tries to make another comment like that again, they're going to get a freakin' hell-storm of words right back at them that will be so colourful everyone in the vicinity will feel like they're on a really bad acid trip. And why not? If people like this can get away with it, there's no reason I can't in response.

I'm rather looking forward to delivering a vocal bitch-slap of epic proportions. Bring it.


Dinah said...

I just don't understand how some people can be like that. The general cluelessness astounds me.

Tim said...

I know! Shocking, isn't it?

T-Bird said...

Release the hounds! It'll be good to get some frustration out, too.

I say go for it!

CyberPete said...

Yes go for it!

Put on your hoodie and that mean face and bitch-slap them.

Oh could you please record it on your iPhone?

Seriously though, that's actually insanely rude and they deserve a good vocal bitch-slap! Give'em hell

skillz said...

You could tell him to "T**t off, f**k" next time.

Not particularly productive, but fun nonetheless...

Tim said...

T-Bird - Consider the hounds straining at the leash in anticipation of the next time!

Cyberpete - I will! Not record it, I mean, just give verbal to end all verbals!

Skillz - Mixing up my words to cause confusion?! That like sounds an idea awesome!

WillowC said...

Oh my god he's a nightmare. He once foraged through my handbag just because he felt like seeing what was in there, and another time told me I'd never amount to much because I'm a woman. Do bits of his brain simply not connect? If you're planning a takedown plot, count me in - I'll bring the cyanide.

Tara said...

It's those types of insensitive people who think it's strange when the person they're picking on is offended by what they say. My manager is like that. If someone catches him on something stupid he has said, he'll shake his head and say "I had no idea they were so sensitive!" Well they would be compared to him, right? Argh!

That guy you're talking about is just asking for it.

Tim said...

Willowc - You should've taken your handbag and whacked him with it. I would've held him for you.

And you're assuming he has a brain…

Tara - He'll be sensitive once he's nursing a bruised face where Willowc has hit him with her handbag!

T-Bird said...

The more I hear about this person, the more I think he deserves to be removed from the gene pool. Can you someone arrange a freak accident to damage his sperm.

Just for the effect of "Ow! My sperm!"

I can't believe he went through your bag, Willow. He wouldn't want to go through mine - it has so many old reciepts and other stuff, he'd get lost in it.

Tim said...

Maybe we could unleash some sperm-neutralising radiation upon him! T-Bird, bring me the sperm-neutralising DeVice!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Here I am!

Although my sperm-neutralising powers have yet to be fully tested.

Tim said...

It's back.

Consider my sperm neutralised.

Out of fear.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Mwah hah ha-

Wait a minute...

Does that mean your sperm's fertility is neutralised, or the whole thump and doosh shebang? Because if so, I might have to think about turning down the power.

Tim said...

Everything. Everything is neutralised. EVERYTHING.

Tim said...

Everything. Everything is neutralised. EVERYTHING.

Tim said...