Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hair care crunch

The votes are in and have been independently verified - with your help, I've decided on a course of action for my hair!

Well, by 'the votes are in' I actually mean 'some of you mumbled a bit and didn't actually choose between long or short until I moaned and whined at you.' Geez, you lot are indecisive to the point of not knowing what to think.

Although this, coming from the person who had to ask what you thought he should do with his hair is, I think you'll agree, a bit rich.

Anyway - this is what I've decided (drum roll please):

I'm going to grow it until the first week of May. My reasons for this are twofold:

• I'm a little intrigued by trying to grow it long; and if I have it cut now, I'll only have to have it cut again in May ready for whatever pitiful summer will be thrown at us this year. 

• I intend to take the first week of May off, and I traditionally have my hair cut in my week off. So if I just aim for the May cut and ignore the interim period I'll be quids in, too.

I'm actually a little bit excited now I've made this monumental decision, which just goes to show how simple and easily pleased I really am. Um… Seriously, though, I quite enjoyed having longer hair a couple of years ago, and have always been just a little bit disappointed with myself that I never persevered with it longer. And to ensure I don't snap and shave it all off, I'm going to employ two distinct tactics to keep everything under control.

Tactic the first is:

• A hat. Yes, yes, this is a pretty straightforward way of managing the unmanageable hair that I anticipate I'll be facing in the coming weeks, but it also works. It also gives me an excuse to buy that oversized beanie I've been dithering over for the last few weeks.

Tactic the second is (*shudder*)…

• A parting. Good god, I haven't had a parting in my hair in donkey's years, and the initial thought of one scares me just a little. And no doubt best mate Jo will go utterly ballistic when she sees me with one, because she loathes them with an almost homicidal intensity. But I figure there's plenty of people around these days who've helped make it more socially acceptable, and if done correctly (a little rough, rather than a perfect straight line) it'll certainly look no worse than the horrific mess my hair has the potential to turn into over the coming weeks without one. It might also make me look sultry and dangerous - who knows?

So there we have it guys and gals - that's the plan. There are at least 61 days until I'm allowing myself to go get my haircut.

Unless I turn seriously mentalist around mid-April and hack it off with a kitchen knife.


Dinah said...

Ooh, this is exciting. I've always been bad at making decisions, but I think you'll be happy with this one. That hat makes me laugh, but not at the hat, at the description that goes along with it. Wasn't it a hat that made that other guy go SHIT This is AWESOME 0.o ? Maybe you should look into that.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Good gods! One could park a hippo in that monstrous beanie!

Kudos for the action plan. Parting and all!

Tim said...

Dinah - Me too, but at least with this one I know if it goes horribly wrong I can cut it off in (now) 60 days, whereas if I cut it now I'll always wonder what if…!

It was a hate that made that guy go mental - but it had a pom-pom on it. I'm not sure I could, or would want to, carry off a pom-pom!

Inexplicable Device - It looks so warm and cosy though!

T-Bird said...

A middle part or a side part?

I had a little teehee that you call in 'a parting' over there. How very proper.

We just call it a part. That's right - desecrating the Queen's tongue since 1788!

T-Bird said...

Magic post! See the times up there?

CyberPete said...

I'm sorry about being such a party pooper but I have to ask

What's so monumental about not having a haircut? It's a non action if there is such a thing.

Anyway I'm just sulking because all my sweet words were disregarded for the rest of the lot (who are clearly wrong ;)

Anyway, I hope it works out for ya. At least you'll still be a cutie

missy&chrissy. said...

long and then short - we all win!

are you going to post weekly photos of your hair-growing progress?

i think i can speak for everyone here when i say that i would love to see that as a new feature.

Tim said...

Ah, Cyberpete, a good question! Basically I've had short hair for as long as I can remember and I've wanted to try longer hair for years. The thing is, my hair looks really stupid when it gets anywhere near more than a couple of inches long, so it's kind of a big deal for me because I'm pretty much committing myself to looking ridiculous for a while (more so than normal).

Of course there's nothing to stop me getting it cut in a couple of weeks if I hate it, but I'm trying to exert some will power.

Missy&chrissy - hey! That's not a bad idea! Although that would lead to lots of embarrassing pictures ... Or lots of me wearing a hat.


Dinah said...

Hee, T-Bird, it also took me a while to realize what "in a parting" went. Making up our own language since 1867!

CyberPete said...

You can always pull up the hood on your hoodie if it feels really weird.

WillowC said...

I miss the days when you and Grum used to endlessly push the hairdo bar with increasingly imaginative bleached stripes. It was an exciting moment, walking into the office every morning, let me tell you.

Tim said...

Holy crap, I completely forgot to reply to everyone else!

T-Bird - Hmmm, I think the kind of way my hair works (i.e. battles against me) means that it will be somewhere between the two; not quite centre, not quite side. Not really very good.

And if you think you're desecrating the Queen's English, you should hear how I speak sometimes!

As for the times - we're obviously on a finely-tuned wavelength that straddles time and space!

Dinah - Making up your own language? Maybe - but we have nothing but affection for the nation that gave us the word "aboot." Good times.

Cyberpete - I could, but then I'd look like I was on the prowl ready to happy-slap someone. Also, just going back to your previous comment - you do know that 99% of this blog is spent detailing non-actions and events, don't you?

Just wanted to check…

Oh, aside from those 'art' photographs I posed for sometime ago and slipped in somewhere in the annals* of blog-time where no one would notice. Will anyone ever find them?! Who knows!

Willowc - Oh lord, those were the days, weren't they? I was just looking at a picture of my old Pepe le Pew look earlier. I loved that haircut, but I'm not sure I should ever try to recreate it. Sometimes you just can't go back.

*I decided against misspelling that as 'anals' on purpose because IDV would only read into it too much.

CyberPete said...

Well I did make pudding and bake cookies.. Those are actions

to some extend anyway

Tim said...

Yes, other blogs are filled with actions. Sadly mine's not. which reflects awfully on my life.


Tara said...

Sheesh, easy now Moody Malarkey! I do believe some of us complimented you by saying that you'd look great no matter what style you had, but noooo don't consider that part! You've got a selective reading thing going on.

Good luck, though with your hair care crunch. Track it the way you track your runs. Is that possible? Might be interesting.

CyberPete said...

Well you do run a lot, that's action

And you are cute - we like that

Tim said...

Ha ha, nah, just kidding Tara! It's weird, when my hair's short it's completely manageable; when it's longer … I can work with it. But there's an in-between period where it's just hell. I'm there now.


I'm not too sure about tracking it the way I track my runs. The sensor might get all tangled up in it. I definitely think I'll take Missy&Chrissy's suggestion of taking weekly pics. Maybe I could do a time-lapse video!

Cyberpete - Awww, shucks! Now you've gone and made me blush!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

* furiously searches for 'art' photos *

Tim said...

Ha ha ha! The joke's on you - there are none!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

That's OK, I couldn't be bothered to search for them anyway. My imagination is doing a sterling job by itself!

Tim said...


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Round two to me, then.

* basks in glory *

Tara said...

Photo a day might be safer...You could do it like this guy from YouTube:

Only he took a photo everyday for six years. That's a little extreme.

missy&chrissy. said...

maybe your new daily hair photos can be "arty"? then on the days you don't much like your growing-out mane, you can cover it in hats, hoodies, with a mask, maybe prop a small animal atop your head?

the possibilities are endless! you need a whole new blog devoted to this hair photo project.

Tim said...

IDV - I don't think it's fair to be using emotional abuse in our blog-comment sparring. That's taking it a little too far. There's always someone who spoils the game.


Tara - God, I'll probably fail after one picture per week for six weeks! Six YEARS?! Good grief!

Missy&Chrissy - Has IDV been talking to you? Has he got you trying to convince me to do art photos?

I WON'T DO IT, IDV!!!! I WON'T!!!!

What sort of small animal? A gnu, perhaps?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

We'll see, my pretty. We'll see...

T-Bird said...

Are you all talking about "art photos" as nude shots? Is that what we are getting at here?

In that case, may I make a possibly unpopular statement? No? Well I will anyway.

I vote for no "art photos".

Oh, and for those keeping score - IDV is in the lead 2:1 in THE BATTLE FOR 2008

Unfortunately the prize is some art photos.

P.S. Hehe. Tim said 'straddle' and 'annal'

Tim said...

No?! Good lord T-Bird - not even in classy black and White?

The point's moot anyway - I'd never do them anyway. IDV on the other hand ... Oh, wait, they weren't art shots were they? They were mug shots from when he got arrested. You didn't hear it from me, but kings cross has Beene much nicer area since the cops nabbed him.

Don't I get bonus points for the use of straddle and anus?

missy&chrissy. said...

a gnu could work. or a squirrel? a badger?

Tim said...

Oh, sorry IDV - I wasn't ignoring you there. No, wait a sec - turns out I was. Muwahahahaha!

Missy&Chrissy - A badger!? That streak of silver would be very dignified!

CyberPete said...

Oh oh your runny thing looks a bit like Hitchcock yeah?

Tim said...

Yeah, I really need to work on how to draw another face…

T-Bird said...

Yes, you score some points for anus and straddle, but lose them again for suggesting black and white art photos.

It's a very complicated sparring game, you see.

Tim said...

Um, colour? Sepia-toned?

Dinah said...

ew, no one looks good in sepia tones.

Tim said...

Sepia… It just sounds *dirty*