Thursday, September 06, 2007


I've come to the realisation that I've got too much going on in my life and something needs to be done about it. I turned my PVR recorder on last night to be confronted by a huge list of stuff I've recorded and not yet watched. I went upstairs and saw a mighty stack of books waiting to be read (and two more added today!). Next to that was last week's comics waiting to be read (to which can now be added this week's comics). I look at my computer desktop and there's a list of articles waiting to be written, and my book waiting to be finished. I look at myself in the mirror and I want to go for a run or jump on my bike.

There's just *so* much to do and not enough time.

That being the case, I've decided that I'm going to declutter my life. I reckon within two weeks - three at most - I can get all my books read, all my articles written, and all my TV shows watched. Then, and only then, do I think I'll be in a position to sit down and finish writing my book. I really, desperately want to do it, but I don't want to do it just to finish it; I want it to be finished and good. And there's also the added incentive of I know what I want to write next.

Also: then, and only then, will I get round to buying the third season of Battlestar Galactica on DVD.

Let the de-cluttering of my life commence.


So the kids went back to school this week. Not my kids, I hasten to add; I don't have any kids. I mean 'the kids' as in 'kids in general.' Anyway, I'm having to get used to walking past the school near the office again when all the parents are dropping the squealing little spawns of their loins off at the gate. God, parents can be bumbling spackers when they mill around outside schools, can't they? They're completely oblivious to anyone other than themselves and their little ADD-riddled sprogs. I want to bitch-slap the lot of them.

That said, I got really wound up the other day when I heard an interview on the radio with some chav wench whose daughter plays truant all the time. She was moaning about the government's plans to punish parents whose kids skip school, and said that she phones the school the moment her daughter leaves the house to ask them to phone her back when she arrives. My first thought was this: rather than sit there watching 'Trisha' and 'Dale's Supermarket Sweep,' why not get up off your fat arse and walk your slacking little troglodyte to school? Problem solved. I really should be in politics.


Anyway, I found it particularly amusing on Wednesday to see the age-old 'first day back' sight of a little girl in her brand new school uniform crying outside the gate. Admittedly I maybe shouldn't have pulled her hair, pushed her over, and stolen her packed lunch, but these kids have got to learn someday that this isn't a perfect world we live in. Better to get used to it now.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Yay! First again!

It sounds like you have an excess of life. I've got a void that needs filling, so perhaps you could loan me some of yours?

Very selfless of you to bring that child up to speed on the big wide world. Well done!

Tim said...

Ha! How about you take work, hoovering, and washing up, and I'll focus on all the fun stuff?

Tara said...

You should go out to a park somewhere if you're going to read some of your books. If the weather is nice, that is. Don't read a book under a branchy tree in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Good for you for bullying that little girl on her first day. It'll give her a taste of what to expect with school-kid behavior. She needs to deal with it. >:)

missy&chrissy said...

to help declutter faster, you can always do that trick where you skim a book while keeping one eye on the television watching a program. or did that only work for textbooks and school-required reading?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Hmmm... Let's compromise. I'll take window cleaning and looking at yourself from the mirror, plus I'll do the (man)hoovering.
You can do the fun stuff and the washing up!

Dinah said...

I was afraid you were working up to telling us that you were jettisoning your blog in an effort to declutter your life. Whew!

Tim said...

Tara - That's a cool idea, but I'd worry about our unpredicatable weather. One minute sunny - the next: downpour!!

Missy&Chrissy - I totally couldn't do that - it'd make me dizzy and I'd fall over!

Inexplicable Device - Why does the term 'man-hoovering' send shivers down my spine?

Dinah - Hush your crazy talk!

T-Bird said...

Ugh! That mother and her truant tart story has just made my blood boil! You know what? It's time to stop passing off parental responsibilities. Schools are an institution for education, not a freakin' day care centre. I am guessing this kid is a teenager?

She's probably an emo...

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Would they be the anticipatory good-type of shivers?

T-Bird: Aren't all teenagers emos these days?

Tim said...

Damn right T-Bird! Rise up and destroy, rise up and DESTROY!

Inexplicable Device - Um, no. Probably not. But if you're still available for housework…