Monday, April 05, 2010

Lame Friday (and other misadventures)

Oh gosh, hello! You still there? I hope so. I have missed your cheeky grin. And that outfit looks gorgeous - is it new?

*awaits return compliment*

Oh OK, it's going to be like that, is it? Fine. Well *I* think I look good in these jeans.

Anyway, sorry I've not been around this last week. I don't know why I'm apologising for having missed one week of blogging. I think it has something to do with it feeling like an eternity; I seemed to have crammed so much in that I've lost track of time. Easter completely passed me by. Did baby Jeebus come back?

I think the highlight of the last week was actually Good Friday, which actually felt like a Saturday, and consisted of me heading over to the East End to meet two of my favourite pals and hit up an American Apparel rummage sale that was taking place in Brick Lane.

Now, if you're in the London area, chances are that you might've read in the papers or on the interwebs that, well, things didn't exactly go too well for American Apparel and their rummage sale. We kind of figured poor naive AA might've been thrown something of a curve ball when we found the queue to get in stretching about a mile down the road. And while we wandered off in disgust to get a coffee (at a surf shop of all places, run by two Bill and Ted-type dudes; the service was appalling, the coffee excellent - swings and roundabouts I think you'll agree) things deteriorated further.

Basically, there was an emo riot and the Police shut the whole thing down.

With our plans shot to pieces, Good Friday was swiftly renamed Lame Friday, and we instead began an aimless wander into the centre of town.

Lame Friday ended up, however, being a rather good day:

• We hit up a second hand book store where I almost bought an original copy of a H.G. Wells novel from 1896 for a fiver (decided against it in case the damn thing disintegrated - it was, after all, 114 years old), and sniggered at a book called 'The Temple of Hymen' (which was not 114 years old).
• Wandered through the British Museum where I saw a Crystal Skull (decided against staring into its eyes in case it melted my tiny brain).
• Spent £40 on two books I didn't need but so desperately wanted.
• Had my first Gourmet Burger Kitchen experience (was nice, but a tad on the expensive side).

And late in the afternoon after bidding "adieu!" to my pals, I wandered from Oxford Street to Waterloo in the sunshine and hopped on a train home.


So, Spring tides at Richmond, eh? Probably not a good idea to park your car down by the Thames … though the ducks appear to be enjoying it.

I occasionally run down this road. Speedos and flippers might be more appropriate at the moment, though.

Saw this movie, and HIGHLY recommend it:

If only because the Daily Mail has its knickers in an almighty knot about it.


If you ever visit Westfield, I can heartily recommend the pretzels from, erm, Mr. Pretzel.

Cinnamon and brown sugar? It's like an orgasm for your mouth.


Clubbie's come in for a bit of unwanted attention this last week. First of all I noticed football prints embossed in the dirt along the passenger side door where one of the neighbourhood oiks had decided to kick his ball against it. This was sorted by 'having a chat' with one of their dads, who was understandably slightly mortified (I can only imagine he too knows how expensive BMW body shop work can be). Then, on a Saturday night trip to IKEA with Big Bro (we're such regulars these days I'm sure the staff think we're a couple - particularly after we sampled mattresses together) he turned to me and asked why I had a lip imprints on my passenger side window. I replied with a "huh?" but he was right; someone had kissed Clubbie on the window (saucy).

Now, given the choice between football prints or big sloppy kisses being left on my car, I'd take the latter, but in all honesty I'd just rather people left my little motor alone.

Or is Clubbie cheating on me? Hmmm…

Anyway, things reached a head this morning when a cat jumped of a wall onto my bonnet and left delicate little paw prints in the dirt. Not only is my car a filthy little thing, but, in finest 'Are You Being Served?' style, it's obviously just out for a bit of random pussy.

In the end, then, I gave it a quick wash this afternoon; Clubbie is now ball print, paw print, and kiss-print free. AND LONG MAY THAT REMAIN THE CASE!


Talking of IKEA, Big Bro bought some Soong-type cutlery.


I'm being taunted by things I want but can't have; the iPad came out in the States on Saturday, and I'm going to have to wait until at least the end of the month before they're out here and I can get my grubby little mits on one, and Best Mate Jo keeps showing me pictures of an adorable little kitten I want but really shouldn't have (simply because I'm not around that much to give it love 'n attention).


Wouldn't it be awesome if I could just combine the two together though? Y'know, sort of like…

Ta-da! I'm a freakin' genius. Someone get Steve Jobs on the line.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Hmmm... Perhaps it was the wrong shade?

* wipes off lippy and chooses luscious lust shade instead *

Inexplicable DeVice said...

P.S. Loved the old man wandering past in the AA riot at about 1:40 in - He looked completely oblivious!

Tara said...

That photo of the Thames and the reflection of the tree in the water was pretty before I realized some of that water was covering a road. But it's still pretty, I love the little ray of sunshine on the left there.

I saw a bright red Mini Cooper today on the way home from work. Very attractive, I wouldn't want anyone touching that car either, not even a cat.

CyberPete said...

I'm wondering why those coppers didn't just take out their batons and gave those emos something to cry about. Just a thought. I for one would have gone ballistic had it been my car that f...ricking emo reject was jumping on.

I'm sorry you didn't get any great AA deals. You should have totally bought the HG W book.

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - Outrageous! Don't be thinking you can use your little mouth too!

Tara - It's actually quite pretty despite it being on a road (for those of us who know NEVER to park there - muwahahaha!)

Cyberpete - I think getting your baton out and beating random teenagers with it is called Police brutality … let's check with IDV - I'm sure he's whacked some teenagers with his baton in his time.

CyberPete said...

Hmmm. I thought it was called upholding law and order? What ih he had been walking ón Clubbie?

What IDV did with his baton was called indecent exposure?at least that is what the restraining order is based on.

Tim said...

Oh god, no, the idea of anyone standing on anybody else's car horrifies me (even though it is an Audi in the video), but I don't think the Police are just allowed to go whacking people with batons for the hell of it. Particularly when they're teenagers.

How did you get a restraining order on IDV to work? He keeps violating mine.

The order, obviously.

CyberPete said...

Of course I wasn't there to see it but by the looks of it these emos weren't exactly skipping down the street with a smoothie in their hand. They were confronting police and avoiding being taken in - from what I can tell from the video. In my opinion it doesn't matter if they are teenagers or adults because they knew what they were doing. But I digress.

I have an Ocean between myself and IDV which is helpful. So he didn't violate yours? Huh?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Oh, but I wants to play too!

And I can safely say that I have never whacked any teens. In either sense! And not because of any restraining orders - As you well know Tim, restraining orders mean nothing to me. Nothing!

(I'll pop 'round about 9ish tonight, OK? Shall I find you huddled in the shower as usual?)

Whereas crossing an ocean on Broom is not something to be done lightly.

Tim said...

Cyberpete - Do emos skip? I thought they were more likely to roll their eyes and cut themselves.

Inexplicable Device - Wins the award for the most rapey sounding comment ever posted on this blog!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Yay! I win!