Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Step into Christmas

So, the big day is nearly upon us. Are you excited? Have you all been good little girls and boys? I haven't have, so I'm expecting hoping for a massive haul of presents lovely family Christmas.

Anyway, it feels like it's been a while since I last wrote anything, so let me cast my mind back over the last few days…

Ooo, I went to see Harry Hill's TV Burp being recorded last Thursday with Willowc and Yazzle Dazzle. I'm a massive fan of this show; for all you Johnny Foreigners reading who might not have a clue what it's all about, TV Burp is a hilarious show that must be made on a budget of about £1.50 and whatever loose change could be found down the back of the sofa, in which Harry Hill looks back over the week's tellybox offerings and basically rips it to shreds in a wry and amusing fashion.

Talking of which…

An aside:

Isn't it funny how X-Factor looser Eoghan Quigg looks like Wicket the Ewok?


What else have I done? Oh yes, Best Mate Jo and I went for brunch on Sunday at Frankie and Benny's in Kingston. We'd been talking about doing the whole breakfast/lunch thing there for a while, and without any other idea what to do for a Christmas meet-up we decided to do that. We both went the American route with pancakes and maple syrup, which were *amazing*, then headed over to Starbucks in Borders for coffee and hot chocolate, and a bit of ridiculousness with the INQ1 phone I'm testing (more on that when I do my next INQ1 update).

Since then … well, actually I've pretty much done nothing since then. I had the Smallville Season Seven boxset to watch, which I've just finished and by god it was good, and I've done one seven-and-a-bit-K run and intend to do another one tonight (I figure I should do at least two good distance runs before what will probably be a week of sitting on my ass, where my only exercise will be shifting from one butt cheek to the other, if only to convince myself that I've made an effort).

Talking of which, Nike sent me an update on my running this year.

Interesting … or not, depending on your point of view. Either way, I'm going to look into this in more detail:

Runners with my pace: 108,389. Oh. That makes me feel so … middle of the pack.
My average pace: 6'01". That's, um, pitiful. I did the last Dysart Dash in 54 minutes, 24 seconds, so that was either an anomalous time brought on by the pack mentality and sheer adrenaline, or I've been slacking off a bit since then. I'm going for the latter.
My furthest run: 16th September. Ah yes, that was the night at running club where I think the coach was trying to kill me.
Litres of petrol saved: 75.5. This is a useless statistic - I don't run to work, and it's not like I'm in the habit of going out for a 6k drive a couple of nights per week. 
Number of calories burned: 32,591. That's more like it! I'm pretty sure that's the equivalent of burning off a teenage elephant. Good times!
Favourite day to run: Sunday. I'd hardly call it 'favourite'; more like 'day least likely to come up with an excuse not to run.'

All in all, then - and despite the fact my little Nike+ Mini-Me thing is going mental over there on the right - I think I'm probably a little bit disappointed with that information. I started using my Nike+ back towards the end of February, and it's taken me till now to run just over 500k. My regular route is around 6k, and I try to do a 7.5k run at least once a week, so if I can get back into the routine of running three times per week I should be able to run 20k every week, and 100k every five weeks. There we go - there's a New Year's resolution right there! And I might just tap that into my Nike+ webpage so I feel guilty if I don't do it…

An aside:

YES! The BBC just reported what I'd already guessed - COFFEE IS THE SOURCE OF MY POWERS! In related news, I totally over-guestimated how much coffee I had left in a packet of Starbucks House Blend and after two MA-HOO-SIVE mugs of it I'm now totally and utterly wired. And by wired I mean it feels like time is slowing down around me, and I'm vibrating at an incredibly high frequency. And by MA-HOO-SIVE mugs I mean it was like a jacuzzi of coffee. Me and two supermodels could totally have chilled out in it. On the other hand, though, what is up with the coffee in the picture on the BBC page? It's yellow! Who's ever had yellow coffee?! Unless, y'know, you pissed off your barista and he weed in your latte…

Well, I think that's about it for me for the next couple of days at least. Have a very happy and healthy Christmas - and if you're still looking for that perfect last minute gift might I recommend THESE. If I'd thought about it sooner I'd totally have gotten some just to freak out the parents when I roll up my sleeves on Christmas Day - y'know, because I'm nothing if not a devilish little bugger…


Tara said...

I am starting to get very excited for Christmas now! My mom, one of my brothers and his family are all coming to my place tomorrow night. We'll dine on ham and other goodies and open some presents. The only tasks I need to get done now include more cookie baking, doing laundry and tidying up a bit.

You have a very Merry Christmas too and I'm hoping we all have an awesome new year too!

CyberPete said...

Merry Christmas!

I think I'll pass on the tattoos but I'll take one of your fabulous milkshakes please.

the projectivist said...

i haven't looked at I Want One of Those in ages! those tattoo sleeves ROCK! i bet they look completely like your granny's pantyhose in person though. with graffiti.

Have a great Christmas, Tim - enjoy your turkey hobbnob shake!

T-Bird said...


I've always wondered how that is spelled.

There's an American show I love to watch that's called Talk Soup. It's obviously a rip off of Harry Hill, but it's pretty funny. I love stupid site gags that follow through to ridiculousness.

Merry Axemas, young Tim! Have a wonderful time!

Tim said...

Tara - Me too! All my family stuff kicks off in about an hour or so! Good times, and Merry Christmas!!

Cyberpete - And Merry Christmas to you too! What would you like in your milkshake?

The Projectivist - A. TURKEY. MILKSHAKE! Awesome idea!!!! Also, I'm pretty sure I'd try putting the tats on my head just for a giggle - and to see what I'd look like with a tattoo'd face! Merry Christmas!

T-Bird - I'm guessing that's how it's spelt … maybe the 'H' could be dropped? I shall check the subtitles on my Return of the Jedi DVD!

Merry Baby Jeebus Birthday to you toooooooooo!

CyberPete said...

Suprise me. Just no meat please.

missy&chrissy. said...

we *just* finished our shopping last night - if only we had learned about those awesome tattoo sleeves a little earlier, everyone on our list would be getting them! a happy, healthy and very merry christmas to you too - we're certain you've been good this year and hope santa brings you heaps of presents!

Tim said...

Cyberpete - You surprise me!

Missy&Chrissy - You only finished last night!? Good grief!! Anyway, you have an awesome Christmas too!!

eroswings said...

Merry Xmas! Best wishes for a safe, fun, and great holiday break!

Tim said...

Cheers dude - and to you too!

CyberPete said...

I do?

Well I like meat, just not in my milkshake.

Dinah said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great day.