Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well cut me open and count the rings

Not literally, of course; they'd be blood and spleen everywhere. No, what I mean is that I wanted to mention something about age. Twice in the same day last week, y'see, I found myself the subject of the old age-guessing game. The first time a lovely 20 year old girl said that she thought I was 26 (love her!), while later in the evening a filthy gayer said that he thought I was 28. Neither guessed I was nudging 31, and both are now my two very favourite people.

Anyway, using some twisted law of ages, I'll now be celebrating my 28th birthday this year. Good times.


Right, due to my crappy broadband provider (more on that to come, believe me!) I'm currently without internet or a home phone. Thanks Tiscali (arses), and bless you iPhone for letting me post while spread-eagled on the living room floor after a particularly arduous night at running club. I am in the process of resolving the broadband problems (hello O2!), so hopefully I'll be up and running again soon.

The post running club recovery might take a little more time...


Tara said...

I used to have a problem when I was 26 and people said I looked 12, but then my mom waved a finger at me (not THE finger, just her pointing finger) and warned, "One day you'll love those compliments when you're 40 and people say you look 20!" So now I'm happy when I get IDed at the store.

Wishing your internet a swift recovery!

Dinah said...

I'm going to be 24 next week. I don't know if I look 23.9...I think it depends on how I wear my hair.

Good luck with the internets.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Well, if that's all it takes, I think you look about 24.

* waits expectantly for Tim to throw himself at me *

watch*paint*dry said...

I got asked for ID at a club about a month ago and also asked when I was buying booze at the cricket. And you know I have toppled 31 and then some.

And to be fair the guy at the cricket had really thick glasses on.
And a youngster at work said he thought I was middle-aged. He is now swimming with the fishes.

T-Bird said...

Only nudging 31? You little whippersnapper.

31 is not a favourite number of mine. It's sort of... decrepit.

CyberPete said...

I don't want to talk about age because someone at work made a very cruel, cruel I say!, comment the other day.

Good luck with the tinternet. Tiscali sucks but you already knew that.

Can you write blogposts on the iPhone? I think it's time for a topless tutorial. Get cracking you 22 year old whippersnapper

Tim said...

Tara - I do love those compliments! Great, aren't they? Look the tinternet is back … for the moment. I'm typing quickly because it goes again within minutes.

Dinah - A birthday!? Ooo! *noted…*

Inexplicable Device - Ah, that's so swe- Wait a minute… I'm not *that* stupid!

Watch*Paint*Dry - One minute a compliment, the next… Damn you cruel hand of fate!

T-Bird - It's not decrepit at all! Numbers basically mean nothing, really - you're only as old as you feel! If anyone needs me I'll be playing with my toys in the sandpit out back.

Cyberpete - Um, damn right you can! Just go to blogger.com and do yer thang!

Anonymous said...

I am also nudging 31 (so close now that I'm breaking its ribs) and recently when trying to buy wine at a supermarket I got asked by a teen at the till "are you over 18?". I paused in disbelief and said "...are you?". It made me laugh! To be fair, the teen wasn't really looking at me and it was on auto-teenpilot. ie i'm not saying I look 18.

Tim said...

Sylvie girl - Don't question it! Just batter your eyelids, grab your booze and RUN!