Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pimp my iPhone

OK, how long have I had my iPhone? Almost six months, that's how long. And do you know what's really shocking? I've not bothered to change the stock wallpaper image that appears whenever you turn it on or wake it up. Yes, that's right - I've stuck with that ubiquitous image of good ol' planet Earth.

Time for a change, methinks.

And so, after rummaging around the digital archive at work today, I dug out a beauty of an image which was used on the cover of one of our magazines a few years back. I've always liked this pic, but it was always a bit of an odd shape to use for a desktop image. Fortunately it's the perfect shape for the iPhone.

That's obviously a mock-up of what it looks like, but you get the gist. Anyway, if I remember correctly the original CGI was created by this very talented fellow. I recommend you go check out his stuff.


Tara said...

That's awesome! The ship (not just a ship, but the Starship Enterprise, right?) looks great against the black background!

Dinah said...

Very cool looking.

Sad iPhone owner said...

That looks very kool indeed.

Just earlier today I downloaded the new firmware for the iPhone and installed it. Then I made the mistake of upgrading "Jawbreaker" and now it's stuck at 4.28pm and won't do anything at all.

If that ever happened to my old phone I could just turn it off and on and everything would be fine. Doesn't appear as if that's an option here.

M said...

Hi Tim, I've finally joined the world of blogging thanks to Sarah's (Willow) persuasion. Your blog is very funny, trust you to have a trekky phone. Is having a mobile for 6 months a long time then? I guess that explains why when I changed my phone of five years earlier this year the teenager serving me in carphone warehouse looked at my old phone in disbelief. But I was rather attached to my old moblie.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Your iPhone looks greasy and scratched in that Planet Earth pic. You should take more care of your things. Money doesn't grow on trees etc etc.

The poor Enterprise does make the bland design of the phone look a bit better, though!

Dinah said...

Zaldans are infuriated by courtesy.

Happy iPhone owner said...

Crisis averted

T-Bird said...

That picture make the iPhone rock out. Should I get one just so I can have the Colonial Fleet on it?

Oh, and I don't love and pat Peecat and call her George. This week she'd Christian Bale.

He likes to rest on my chest and watch me sleep. Until he purrs on my face and gets shooed away.

Jesus H Buddha. I sound alarmingly creepy, don't I? Well, more alarming and creepy than normal.

T-Bird said...

Clearly I am having some issues with my 's' key. Apologies.

Tim said...

Tara - Yep, it's the Enterprise! It's the scene from Star Trek III when Kirk destroys it!

Dinah - I thought so to!

Sad iPhone Owner - I'd suggest a restore if it's frozen…

M - Well hello! It's not that I think I've had my phone for a long time, more the fact that I'd not personalised it with a background picture and was still using the stock image it came with. I think the Star Trek one is much better!

Inexplicable Device - That's. Not. My. iPhone. I. Found. It. On. Teh. Internetz. I treat my iPhone with respec'. I love it and hug and call it George.

Dinah - As are Tellerites!

Happy iPhone Owner - Phew! Good news!!

T-Bird - Yes. Yes you totally should! I'd watch out for Peecat/Christian Bale. You know he was arrested the other week? And make sure she/he eats - can't have him going all method like he did for The Machinist again!

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