Thursday, August 14, 2008

Book Shelf IV: Down to the Floor

OK, so we're back to books today. Here are the lowest two shelves of the massive book shelf in my living room.

And with a couple of exceptions they're full of Star Trek books.

So here we have my big reference books (and two Rolling Stones biographies). The first Trek book on the left is my bible, The Star Trek Encyclopedia. I actually own two versions of this book - the other is a paperback and it's at work; it's well-worn, like it's been in a fight with a Mugato or something. The one you see here is my nice one. It's a hardback version, and it was one of the last presents I ever got from my grandparents on Sparky Pa's side before they passed away. As you can imagine, I'll be hanging on to this book for a while yet. 

Moving along past the reference books you can see the autobiography section, which includes William Shatner's two Star Trek Memories books (not to be confused with his new autobiography 'Up Till Now' which deals with his life outside of Star Trek. As well as some more of his life in Star Trek. As you might expect, Star Trek's played quite a big part in his life).

Also, you might see what appears to be a transparent Borg Cube. This is not, in fact, a transparent Borg Cube; it's actually a light from Habitat that I was given several years ago. It's supposed to be the 21st century equivalent of a candle, but it's rubbish if there's a power cut because, well, it needs electrickery.

Moving on…

Here's all my Star Trek fiction. I actually gave a load of old Star Trek novels to charity shops when I moved out because I knew I'd never read them again (they were *really* happy to receive them, let me tell you), but I did keep all the movie novelisations and the Shatnerverse books. Oh, and you see the novelisation of TNG's final episode, 'All Good Things…'? Sparky Pa bought me that when I passed my GCSE exams back in '94. 

There's actually a few more novels off to the right (the few Star Trek ones that I did keep), but I couldn't fit them in the frame. I don't think you're missing much by not seeing them.

Tomorrow: the final thrilling installment!


CyberPete said...

Oh my lord!

You are a Trekkie?

Tim said...

Well, I'd have the worst job EVAH if I wasn't…

CyberPete said...

Heh. Do you dress up with the ears and everything?

Sorry. I'm sure you don't dress up like a Klingon. Right?

Tim said...

I have never dressed in any Star Trek costume, and the only way I would is if it was as a background actor in a film or TV episode.

In fact, the last time I dressed up as anything was a Spider-Man costume. When I was six.

CyberPete said...

Hmm and I was ready to get all excited about you in a Spiderman costume.


Tim said...


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Ah, so it's not just the cover of my copy of STAR TREK ACTION! that's wonky, then.
I love the reference books - I can get lost in them for hours.

Maybe I'll post a pic of my Star trek shelves?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

P.S. I loathed the Shatnerverse novels. Well, I only read the first two, but they were so "Ooh, look at me! I'm the star! I'm better than everyone else!".

Although, it has been several years since I've read them. And I was going through an "I hate William Shatner" phase. Which is now over.

CyberPete said...

You should make up for it by putting one on and do a show and tell.

IDV: Can the Shatner be "Oh look at me" I'm the star!"? I've always seen him as a (sometimes unintentionally) funny geek.

Dinah said...

Hee. Cyberpete's "You're a trekie?" is even better than my "wait. IDV's gay??"

I love that so many of your books have an emotional tie to them. Things like that are so much better when they come with stories.

CyberPete said...

Ok so I'm a bit ditzy and not always paying attention

I admit it.

Wait, IDV's gay?

Tara said...

Giving stuff to charity is fun. There's a huge, Salvation Army donation place within walking distance of my apartment, and will be visited again soon.

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - Oh, so it's not just *my* copy of Star Trek: ACTION! That's wonky then. Glad we've cleared that up for each other.

And in contrast, I loved most of the Shatnerverse novels (the middle ones were a bit boring). I thought the first two in particular were great; perfect fanwank!

How can you hate William Shatner?!

Cyberpete - I wouldn't know where to get one. And anyway, it's a bit rich you telling me to put a Spider-Man costume on when you've still yet to sort out the FGES.

Dinah - WAIT, say that again - IDV's *GAY?!* Well… thank god he's the only one - can you imagine if we had a breeding pair?!

Cyberpete - I KNOW!

Tara - I did get a sense of satisfaction from giving all those old books away, even though I hate giving books away and the old biddies running the shop really didn't want to show any gratitude.

CyberPete said...

Oh yeah sure, bring up that why don't you. Just squeeze your thumb into my only (of which there are many) sore spot.

I'm so shocked that IDVs gay! News to me, that is.

I mean whenever I'm sort of giddy about someone they are usually straight.

T-Bird said...

Yay! Giddiness! Yay! Star Trek! Yay! Gay!

Ahh. I love it when all my favourite things come together. And now if we could only somehow work a naked Nathan Fillion in, I'd be complete.

CyberPete said...

Or that Canadian diver man.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Or both of them!

Tim: I don't hate The Shat now - I think of him as a fun, attention seeking, kindly-but-slightly-senile old uncle.

missy&chrissy. said...

the only thing more exciting than finding out that there are not 1, but 3, shatnerographies that i'm missing out on is the phrase "naked nathan fillion".

Tim said...

Cyberpete - Well you are hanging on to them rather a long time.

IDV being gay is a shock, isn't it. I'd never have guessed.

T-Bird - Have you tried Google? Or stalking?

Cyberpete - Ha ha ha, that's the kind of thing I expect IDV to say.

IDV - Oh look, never one to disappoint.

Don't worry, I know you don't hate the Shat. It's technically impossible.

Missy&Chrissy - There are indeed three Shatnerographies: Star Trek Memories, Star Trek Movie Memories, and Up Till Now. I can't help you on the naked Nathan Fillion front, I'm afraid.

Dinah said...

Hee: Naked Nathan Fillion front. Yes, please.

Tim said...

Oh god, I just realised what I wrote…