Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I've been *so* busy the last couple of weeks. I don't say that to sound like I'm bragging (ooo, look at me - I've got a social life!) but more as an excuse for not posting anything for a while.

Wait, I last posted Saturday.


Anyway, here's what I've been up to recently - WITH ADDED WIN/FAIL GRADES!

• Completed my 'made up lives' creative writing task: WIN!

• Missed out writing a 'made up life' on only the second day: FAIL.

• Tried to see Avatar on three occasions. It was booked out every time: FAIL.

• Booked tickets online for this Friday: WIN! (it better not be shit after all this hassle)

• Attended Bad Film Club: WIN!

• Actually quite liked the bad film (Meteor starring Sean Connery and Natalie Wood): FAIL.

• Despite constant pressure, an apparent desire, a test drive, and almost three hours in a Fiat dealership, I've yet to convince an 'unnamed friend' to buy the Fiat 500 she really wants: FAIL.

• Got the Fiat guy to admit that given the choice between a 500 and a Mini, he'd buy the Mini: WIN!

• The heating failed at yoga: FAIL.

• But we did it anyway: WIN!

• Done three pitiful runs this year: FAIL.

• Did an awesome fourth one tonight: WIN!

• Utterly addicted to Starbucks' new Flat White (it comes in a proper cup with a saucer!): WIN!

Flat White versus my regular Misto.

• Got told off by a barista in Chiswick for daring to order one to takeaway because "you can't see the all the effort that goes into making it": FAIL.

• Called her bluff by saying I'd quite happily stroll across Chiswick Green with a cup and saucer: WIN!

• Saw my second favourite movie of last year, (500) Days of Summer for the fourth time and still loved it: WIN!

• My parents hated it: FAIL.

• Got really awesome at Bejeweled 2 on Facebook: WIN!

• Unwittingly lost most of Sunday to it: FAIL.

• Appear to be on the verge of growing a pornstar-style moustache.


the projectivist said...

you've posted something. WIN

you've not ALSO posted something from TheCoffeeShopChronicles. damn you! i need my daily fix. that went WAY too fast. FAIL.

the projectivist said...

ps. please submit photo-evidence of sexy pornstar tache for my lascivious perusal. pronto.

CyberPete said...


And they cleared the scores for bejeweled 2 again!

CyberPete said...

PS. Why would anyone buy a Fiat?

the projectivist said...

we've had flatwhites FOREVA over here in little Australia.
i point that out because we are usually the last place to have anything.

Tim said...

The Projectivist - Pornstar moo-tache evidence? Oh look, Inexplicable Device, there's a pretender to your lasciviousness throne!

Cyberpete - I might post one later. And SHHHH! I don't need to be tempted into playing Bejeweled! As for Fiat, the 500 is a nice little car. Not nice enough to tempt me out of a Mini, but nice enough.

The Projectivist II: Yeah, apparently one of the reasons they started doing them was because a lot of Australians were asking for them!

Tara said...

I've never known anyone who was on the verge of growing a pornstar-style moustache, so we must have a photo on here, please. That would be a WIN.

I still have not seen "(500) Days of Summer" yet. FAIL.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

@ The Projectivist: I'll get you my pretty. You and your little dog, too!

Tim said...

Tara - YOU MUST SEE IT! (500) Days of Summer, that is; I know you've seen the moo-tache by now.


Well, maybe not the dog.

Tim said...

Unless you're going to do to it what you do to Moom.