Friday, January 22, 2010

Made up lives day 3: Sandra

Physical descripion:

• Height: 5 foot
• Mid 30s
• Hood up
• Clutching a cup of coffee

Sandra is late. She was supposed to be back at work 20 minutes ago, but she had to queue in the bank, then at the coffee shop, and now she's in a foul mood. Adding to that she's cold and she thinks she might be coming down with something. The fur-lined hood of her coat is pulled up high over her head, and she knows people are looking at her and joking that she looks like an arctic explorer, but quite frankly she doesn't care.

Sandra has started this year with a resolve to make things better in her life, but so far, she concedes, it's pretty much been the same as last year, the one before that, and so on. She tells herself that she'd like to meet the man of her dreams this year. She pictures herself being happy and sharing her life with someone she loves, but then she pushes those thoughts to the back of her mind; if she's truthful, she thinks that marriage and happiness are two things that happen to other people, not her. She has few friends, and she can't remember the last time she felt truly happy with her life.

She shares little of herself with her co-workers – all of whom are at least five years younger than her and prettier - and knows that they talk about her behind her back when they've exhausted the latest celebrity gossip from their trashy magazines. They brand her intense and uptight. She tries her best to ignore them, reminding herself that, unlike them, she's focused on her work. She nevertheless can't shake the feeling that sometimes they might be right and she should loosen up a little, but truthfully she's afraid of letting her guard down in front of anyone.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Sandra should let herself loosen up a bit. I hope she does. I still like her, though.

Hey! Perhaps all these people are connected (or will be) in some way? That'd be cool!

Tara said...

Sandra's coworkers need to step off and respect the fact that she goes about her job. Who do they think they are, and do they ever stop to talk to her and HELP her loosen up?? Oh no!!....(Ahem)...Or so I imagine.. :)

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - HA! No, they're not connected because that would've required forethought, something I'm massively lacking at the moment!!

Tara - Yeah, you tell 'em!

the projectivist said...

Farrrk. I'm Sandra.

the projectivist said...

How about letting us know what coffee they order? I'm going through a Mocha phase currently. What do you order?

Tim said...

Ha ha ha, no you're not!! She's made up!!

I don't think any of them actually came into Secret Starbucks, they just walked past while I was staring out the window. Plus, that's proper stalkery to find out what coffee they had.