Saturday, January 23, 2010

Made up lives day 4: Mike

• Height: 6 foot
• Glasses
• Waterproof coat
• Walking slowly

Mike hasn't told anyone, but his wife demanded a divorce last week. It came as a surprise, despite the fact that he knew she was having an affair with a work colleague. He'd thought - hoped - that eventually she'd tire of her indiscretion and things could go back to the way they were. He has the divorce papers in a crumpled envelope in his pocket, his hand brushing against it every time he reaches in.

Tomorrow is his 44th birthday.

He consols himself by thinking how lucky he is that there are no children involved; she never wanted them, and the matter was not for discussion. Mike feels as if she has robbed him of 10 years of his life and the chance for a family. He feels anger rising for the first time, pushing aside the dull ache he has felt since she told him of her intentions. He takes a deep breath and sighs loudly, feels the anger subside. He isn't an angry person. He hates that she's made him feel this way.

Mike is surprised to find his mind wandering to previous relationships, and can't help thinking how life might've been different he'd married someone else instead. The path not taken is infinitely more appealing than the abyss he finds himself facing now.

He shakes his head and presses a finger against the frame of his glasses, pushing them back up towards the bridge of his nose; fantasising about previous lovers is not something he's done before, and if he's truthful it makes him feel a little uncomfortable. He feels like he's cheating, which even he thinks sounds ridiculous.

Back at the office he finds himself surrounded by coworkers eagerly looking forward to the weekend. He doesn't share their enthusiasm, and feels the most he has to look forward to is a glass of whisky and a film on the television.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Oh my gods. Mike's life is even worse than Sandra's. Were you feeling particularly morose when you saw 'Mike', or was he just a morose looking man?

CyberPete said...

These people you meet are really in a state, aren't they.

Poor guy. Yet, maybe he drove his wife into the arms of her work colleague.

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - Ha! No, I just find it easier to write morose stories rather than 'yay - the world is amazing!' Plus they're more interesting. And people look more miserable when it's cold and raining which informed my style of writing.

Cyberpete - They are! Do you think he did? He didn't look like the sort of person to do that … but you never know!

Tara said...

When I read about the fact that Mike's wife wanted a divorce, I too was relieved that they didn't have any kids. I want him to now get on with the divorce, sign the papers and then be able to move on with his life and find someone who will give him back the 10 years she took from him.

Dang, you see what you're doing? I worry enough about my own family, and now I worry for Mike. :)

CyberPete said...

I bet he was. He was the whiney type. He wanted to cuddle on the sofa every weekend to Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor. He was suffocating her and he wanted to 'talk about feelings'. She just wanted to be taken on the breakfast bar, impressions in the butter and everything.

Tim said...

Tara - don't worry about Mike! He's fictional!!

Cyberpete - Won't … be looking … at butter the same way. Ever.

CyberPete said...

So whenever someone asks you if you want a stick of butter, you think what exactly?

the projectivist said...

personally, i think that Mike is a bit of a prat to have put up with it for so long. really, he's only himself to blame.

he should try speed dating.