Monday, June 08, 2009


You'd think that with all this Bikram yoga I've been doing I would've attained some sort of transcendental state where I don't lust over worldly possessions.

You would … think, anyway, right?

New iPhone 3GS? WANT!

A life-size replica of the captain's chair?! A snip at £1499.99! WANT!!

And I think we all know where I stand on this front. Look - she's dressed perfectly for Bikram yoga! WANT!!!



the projectivist said...

that chair is an abomination!
good lord.
in The Future the chairs would be so much more 'spacey' and 'aerodynamic'. there's no way they would look like that great, hulking monstrosity.

Dinah said...

I was sure you were going to work in a(nother) downward dog pun there somewhere!

That's an odd choice of model for the captain's chair. She should look more space age. She would be wearing a short skirt.

Tara said...

That lady in the last photo there totally stole my workout routine. That's exactly the way I look. Sheesh.

I saw something on a news program once about people who turned into monks in the hills of California. They still used the internet. So you have permission to feel all zen and still want technology.

CyberPete said...

What does the s stand for?

I have the regular 3G model and that's pretty (special).

The captains chair looks plasticy and cheap.. Much like the hoochie in the last photo. Well not so plasticy and I'm just being a bitch aren't I?

Tim said...

The Projectivist - But it's 1960s sci-fi retro chic, and that makes it COOL!

Dinah - I could've, but that would've been dirty, heh heh!!

I'm glad you said that about the model lady - I'd been thinking she was a bit random. Almost like they needed someone in an instant so they just grabbed a secretary or something! I should've photoshopped her a bit.

Tara - Surely there's a difference between being zen and desperately wanting a captain's chair though?

Cyberpete - It stands for 'speed.' Apparently it's uber-quicker than the iPhone 3G. And it's got video. And voice control.

How dare you call Autumn plasticy and cheap! Outrageous!!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

* narrows eyes at Reeser while plotting to club her over the head with the hulking captain's chair *

Tim said...

My rage at your futile attempt to take out Reeser is softened by my inexplicable joy at your return.

I doubt it'll last, though.

In related matters, wouldn't Reeser make a wonderful captain's strumpet? I can picture her with an outrageous beehive and a short skirt serving me coffee on the bridge.

BEAST said...

well its probably healthier than your cannine sex obsession over at IVD's
My contract is up for renewal
***eyes up iphone***

CyberPete said...



As for Ms Reeser, she's not exactly high class and you could do much better. Hell, I get an outragious beehive and serve you redeyes on the bridge. Mini skirt totally optional.

Tim said...

Beast - He's the one that suggested was up to funny business with a pooch.

Cyberpete - Not. Exactly. High. Class!? Wash your mouth out with soap!

'Petra said...

It may be jealousy but I'll skip the soap

Tim said...

OK, as long as you use toothpaste and brush twice daily.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Aw, you DO love me!

* ignores Moom-sex jibes *

'Petra - Get that beehive coiffed immediately! We need to see you dressed up as one of Star Fleet's finest Yeomen.

BEAST said...

Dammit my contract isnt up for another 6 months ......but the new iphone will be out by then
***cackles with insane laughter***

CyberPete said...

I'll work on that IDV.

Once I resurface.

WV: anibble

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - Love is an awfully strong word. Tolerate is, I think, an appropriate term.

Beast - Hurrah! Succumb to the iPhone!!

Cyberpete - Have you … submerged? That's reek havoc with your beehive!

CyberPete said...

But my beehive defies water, gravity and all other elements and laws of physics.

Tim said...


Emma said...

Now you is managing editor you most definitely should have the Captain's Chair.

Will the office's life-size cut out of Seven of Nine not do as a sexy yeoman ;o)

(Aside: Mmm, I had to type in the word 'neripedu' as the comment's 'word verication'. I like the sound of that, 'neripedu', new favourite word)

Tim said...

I should, shouldn't I? Don't mention Seven of Nine though … she was a tragic fatality of the flood. One minute she was standing behind me, the next: paper mache.

So sad.

What are you going to have neripedu mean?

Emma said...

Mmmm... neripedu sounds quite zen. I think it should be used in the context of 'well, I am very wise'. So next time someone asks you 'how did you know/do that?', shrug and say 'Aah, neripedu'.

I'm off now to mourn the paper-mache demise of poor Seven.

watch*paint*dry said...

I can't stop watching the jogging man on your blog. He has a unicycle now! Ok now I am scared of the grin.

The chair doesn't look very comfy, it is all sharp corners and stuff. But on the other hand Autumn does look rather comfy.

Tim said...

I'm not fussy - I'd quite happily sit on either of them. I mean, at the end of the day I'd still basically be the one in command.

Running man is rather beguiling, isn't he?

missyandchrissy said...

i think complete and utter world domination would be yours if you had that chair!

(not that it couldn't be already...the chair would just enhance the whole scene. )

Tim said...

I know! It should be mine, shouldn't it? The chair AND the world, I mean!!