Sunday, June 21, 2009

A man named … What?!

I went to the bank on Thursday to put a cheque in, and the guy serving me was called Mo. He had, however, put his name tag on upside down, so it instead said 'Ow.' I found this inexplicably hilarious, which is just as well because he took a freakin' age to actually deposit the money for me.


In other, non-financial related matters, I've had a rather good, if ridiculously busy week. Throughout it all, though, I've managed to maintain my yoga schedule three times a week, and I think it's fair to say I'm pretty much addicted. I can feel the effect it's having on me every time I leave class - at least I think it's the yoga that makes me feel euphoric and awesome; I suppose they could be burning some funny incense or something. Anyway, the last three classes I've done have been particularly brilliant, because I've pushed myself in different ways in each class.

On Thursday I managed to do Tree pose (or tadasana if you want to use the correct lingo) with both hands in prayer for the first time, which made me feel very smug pleased because it's incredibly difficult in Bikram yoga as you're all sweaty so your leg tends to slide away from your thigh.

At the weekend I do the early morning classes at 9:00 AM, and on Saturday I thought I might take it just a little bit easier than I normally do (subconsciously, I might add). Someone else had other ideas, however. When I was in the Balancing Stick pose (Tulandandasana), I noticed that the teacher was wandering around down the end of the studio where I was positioned. Next thing I know he's standing right behind me saying "C'mon Tim - hold that arm up and stretch that leg further, further, further, FURTHER!!" And he was, of course, wearing a radio mike so this was broadcast to the entire class. My embarrassment soon subsided, though, because I did exactly what I was told to (I was maybe just a little bit frightened), and felt all the better for it when he finally said "relax."

And today, good times, I finally managed to do a complete Camel pose (Ustrasan) - and before you ask, no that's not the pose where you get the hump (ha - geddit?) and storm out of class; it's the one where you kneel down, lean back, and grab your angles. Basically it looks a bit like your body is doing something it really shouldn't be doing. Anyway, usually I just kneel there and lean back a bit because I'm understandably a bit nervous about my back at the mo'. Today, though, I felt a bit reckless and just decided to go for it - so I did, and it was amazing.

I'm hearting yoga so much at the moment.


I'm pretty sure yoga's having a positive effect outside of making me super-flexible and awesomely buff. After Thursday's class, y'see, I got home and had a shower. As I turned the shower off I heard a pinging noise, then the knob went loose. Um, that's the shower knob, not anything else. Anyway, I tried to turn the shower back on, but it didn't work - at which point I'd normally let loose a tirade of naughty words. This time, though, I just thought 'oh, that'll need fixing.' And then I noticed that some paintwork in the bathroom had come away, and I thought 'oh, that'll need touching-up' (oo-er!).

Anyway, the gist of it is, is that I appear to be supremely chillaxed. I bought some paint on the way home from class on Saturday and did the first coat of paint. Then today I did the second coat of paint after getting home from class again. And both times after that I had a bath, all the while being careful not to flash my gentlemanly parts to the outside world as the window was a few inches open to help the paint dry. I believe I was successful on both occasions.

To top it off, on Father's Day of all days, Sparky Pa just popped over and miraculously fixed my shower. In all honesty, it just needed a little bit of plastic clipped back in place, but unlike Sparky Pa and Big Bro my brain isn't wired particularly well for engineering. On the other hand, I'm guessing I'm the only member of the family that can do Eagle pose (Garurasana) without falling over.


CyberPete said...

Oh my god! You've turned into one of those


How are you liking the new iPhone update thing?

Tim said...

Those? Explain!!

Yes, liking the new software very much - although I've not really used any of it properly yet! The cut and paste will be very useful at some point, I expect.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

The thought of "super-flexible and awesomely buff" Tim has made me come over all peculiar.

I think I may have to have a lie down...

Tara said...

I'm so glad your yoga is working out for you so well! That would've been embarrassing for me too if the instructor had the microphone on while blurting out exclusive instructions.

I remember doing a regular yoga class in school. I was doing well, taking my time stretching (as instructed by the teacher). When I stood back up, I noticed everyone else had finished stretching and they were all waiting on me. The teacher just smiled and continued with the class which was nice.

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - More peculiar than usual? Gosh. Don't get too excited though; it's not like it'll ever have any bearing on your life.

Tara - Ha ha, well, at least you were making sure you'd stretched properly and wasn't rushing like everyone else!

Jayne Nelson said...

I can stalk you too! Small world, eh?

Before you were in the physio cubicle next to mine there was a whiny woman who never stopped whinging, so you'll have to excuse me earwigging on your conversation - it was a definite improvement!

Tim said...

Ha ha, very small world!

Yeah, I was sitting in the reception area listening to her moaning away. She didn't seem especially grateful for the fact that they were actually helping her…!

Jayne Nelson said...

So have you been going there for a while, then? That was my first visit. I wasn't too impressed with the look of the place but the physiotherapist was really rather good (if a bit too eager to hurt me, the git)...

Tim said...

No, this was my second time - I was only told I could have physio about four weeks after the accident actually happened! Mine hurt a bit at first, but then I kind of got used to it. It was like a very focused deep-tissue massage.

I'm booked in again for the same time next Tuesday - and I've been asked by my physio to come up with a list of my top three sci-fi film recommendations!

Jayne Nelson said...

I'm there at the same time next week, too (2.30). Maybe I should do the same and we can argue amongst ourselves while having burly men pound us with their fists?

...wait, I didn't mean that to sound quite so dodgy.

Tim said...

Can you imagine the problems we could cause debating the merits of The Wrath of Khan versus … well, whatever you might pick while our respective physios are trying to heal us?!

And don't worry about the incredibly dodgy fist-based comment - I've been subjected to so much of it at work (comments, that is) that I'm virtually immune to it now!

Jayne Nelson said...

Just don't pick Twilight. All I'm sayin'.

Tim said...

Oh god good no!