Thursday, November 08, 2007

When heads explode!

Yesterday was weird, in a good way, because it had the strangely bizarre recurring theme of exploding heads.

Not literally, I hasten to add.

I've been spending the last couple of days sitting around watching DVDs I haven't seen in a while; first was Se7en, which was, is, and shall forever remain one of my most favouritist movies EVAH. I followed that with Team America: World Police, which I used to *heart* big-stylee, but I actually didn't find it as funny this time around. Maybe it's one of those movies that you need to watch with a bunch of mates? It nevertheless gave me the urge to quote "suck my cock, Gary," so it's probably best I spent the day on my own.

Coming back on track to the events of yesterday and its recurring theme of exploding heads (in no way related to any Team America quotes) I watched the Dawn of the Dead remake, which was another film that I once loved, but which strangely didn't do too much for me on this repeat viewing. Yes, it's very entertaining, but once you've seen one zombie head explode, you've pretty much seen all zombie heads explode. Once those writers stop striking in L.A. they really need to focus their energies on coming up with new and creative ways of making zombie heads explode.

Anyway, in the evening, Jo and I toddled off to the cinema to see 30 Days of Night. I had high hopes for this film, because I luuuuurved the graphic novel (the sequel sucked a little, but the third book was also great), and I'm glad to say it didn't really disappoint; there were plenty of quality exploding head moments, and it did a rather splendid job of matching the stylized look of the graphic novel without being too overly stylized. on the downside, Melissa George had a weird accent that veered between Australian, American, and Terrence and Phillip-style Canadian; I had planned on slamming Josh Hartnett's acting too, but seeing as his role pretty much just required him to look panicked, confused, deep in thought, and squinty (not at the same time, mind), whoever cast him probably picked the right guy.


Despite the fact that I actually started Christmas shopping on Monday, today officially marked the countdown to Christmas, because today was the annual Sparky Tim/Sparky Ma Christmas shopping expedition. How many times can I write Christmas in one sentence? Anyway, for the first time in living memory, it was an unqualified success - and by that I mean that I actually bought some presents, rather than stand in front of a mirror holding a nice top against my chest, twirling, and saying "THIS looks AMAAAAZING!"

Of course, I can't tell you what I bought because *certain* people read this, but I will say that I've totally done at least half my Christmas shopping, so *snaps*.

Also, totally check THIS OUT. I literally cried with laughter in a shop while looking at these.


Right, now I'm going to be brutally honest now: lord knows when I'm going to get the time to post in the next week or so. Tomorrow is, of course, my birthday party, so it's quite possible I might wake up in a gutter at some point on Saturday, or be found tied to a lamp post in Shepherds Bush; after that I've got a busy birthday Saturday of Mini Clubman-ing and a family do, then Mr. Decorator coming back to finish off my, um, decorating on Sunday. After that I'm off to see Cold War Kids play the Shepherds Bush Empire on Monday, and then onto a big screen showing of the Star Trek: The Original Series two-part episode 'The Menagerie' on Tuesday.


As Arnie once said - "I'll be back!"


Tara said...

"Seven" was pretty creepy in a good way, even with Brad Pitt in it. I'm a Morgan Freeman fan. Did you also notice that a movie that you love doesn't get the same appreciation from friends? Same thing with comedians. I showed that "Crying" clip of Dane Cook's to my mom, thinking she'd like it, but she almost fell asleep. She's not a fan.

Dinah said...

I"ve had to 'fake' enjoying things other people have recommended...but not any of you, of course!

Christmas Christmas Christmas. I'm so pleased with myself because starting early has allowed me to think outside of the beautifully wrapped box and get creative and/or international about presents for some people. I'm so proud of myself!

Also: I want the "I love Gays" and "I love Cock" in some form. I'm not sure what.

Tim said...

Tara - It's funny how some people like some things, and others don't. I've spent many a time trying to convince people to like certain movies, but they're not having it. Each to their own, I suppose!

Dinah - I'm now imagining you sitting in a heavily-decorated Christmas booth with wrapping paper strewn around you!! And I wouldn't go shouting the latter statement from the rooftops!

missy&chrissy said...

how wonderful that you've already finished christmas shopping for us!

we kid, we kid...but i am adoring those dean morris cards. i hope they ship to the states!

Tim said...

Ha ha! Maybe I should start a new career as a personal shopper? God, I'd love that…!