Monday, December 21, 2009

Since Thursday I've…

• Finished work. Yay.

• Gone to yoga twice. I'll leave you to decide whether that's been for the health benefits or just because I wanted to escape the freezing cold and sit in a 40 degrees C heated room for an hour and a half.

• Watched almost an entire boxset of Smallville in a weekend (I'm constantly amazed how consistently good this show's been year after year).

• Found a typo on my advent calendar. Mars will be receiving a sternly-worded letter about this, let me tell you.

• Epically smashed a glass in the kitchen and nicely sliced up my hands in the process. They've been covered in plasters since the event, and it was only today that I noticed I've taken a chunk out of one of them. I wonder if it will scar? Chicks dig scars.

• Had a wickedly awesome haircut. I'd show you a picture, but I'm worried any attempt at a self portrait would end up looking a wee bit unnecessarily emo.

• Done the Christmas food shop; clipped some kid with my trolley because he wouldn't get out the way. That'll teach him for being ignorant and having massive ears.

• Played far too much Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. Seriously, whenever I close my eyes I see little rows of exploding crystals. Am I addicted?

• Been at least 90 percent less sweary than I have been at work over the last few months. I think that proves my colleagues have a bad influence on me, and that I should be allowed to work from home in future.

• Wrapped all my Christmas presents. Unwittingly I'd bought some wrapping paper that's more like a coloured film and is damn near impossible to fold. Just as I'd get it in the right position it would unfurl itself back into a totally flat, uncreased state. I swear this is the sort of unearthly material they found at Roswell.

• Drew comedy eyes on Big Bro's car.

• Had an altercation with the World's Worst Driver. Seriously, when I saw how bad her parking skills were I decided to stay with Clubbie in case she should decide to rebound of the front of the car behind her and into Clubbie's backside in an effort to get in the gap. It took her five minutes. And when she finally turned the engine off and got out she looked at me and said "worried I was going to hit your car?" I replied "yes" and walked off.

• Caught up with a mate I've not seen in FUH-EVAH.

• Washed far too many clothes. You'd think I was wearing my entire wardrobe day-after-day.

• Dressed like a dapper gentleman and went for a slap-up meal.

Sweet baby Jeebus, this holiday lark is exhausting!


Inexplicable DeVice said...

* expects shiny but craply wrapped present in the post any day now *

* also imagines Tim wearing only his pants seeing as how every other item of clothing is in the wash *


Tim said...

Someone's going to be disappointed come Christmas morning…

And anyway, Santa tells me you've not been a good boy. A lump of coal and a tangerine for you this year!

CyberPete said...

You don't think IDV is fruity enough?

I love the massive ears remark. Out of this world kind of funny. Bless him. You didn't trip him into the canned beans display, did you?

Tim said...

He's certainly got a tough skin...

No, I nudged him towards a display of toilet rolls. His mother glared at me, but I think secretly she commended my actions.