Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Christmas miracle

Screw the image of Jesus on a piece of toast! To hell with a water-stained wall that looks like the virgin Mary! Have you ever paused while brushing your teeth because you suddenly notice…


(and no, I don't mean the one I've photoshopped on - look to the left of that)


Did we all have a nice Christmas then? I did, thanks for asking. Got lots of lovely presents including a hoodie lined with the softest imitation fur I've ever had the pleasure to caress. It's seriously tempting to wear it bare-chested. I imagine there's some shorn kittens or Muppets somewhere; they might be shivering in the cold, but they can rest assured that thanks to their sacrifice I'm not. I anticipate this hoodie will attract lots of attention from young ladies wishing to stroke it. Good times.

Nice t-shirt too, eh? Good call on Big Bro's part!


Elsewhere, I discovered on Christmas Day that I've developed the uncanny ability to extinguish candles using a novelty party blower.

I think this skill makes me eligible to join the X-Men. My codename shall be … EXTINGUISH!


Anthony Lamb said...

Gotta say that looks more like Bart Simpson to me... Good find.

Tara said...

I agree with Anthony, the non-Photoshopped shape does look like Bart!

It's very surprising that you didn't already have a Mini-themed T-shirt! It's very cool.

Great work with extinguishing the flame! If you did become an X-man, you might have problems with Pyro if they name you Extinguish.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

"Help! Help! There's a house full of kittens on fire! Who can save them?"

* waits patiently while Extinguish very slowly puts out the fire *

Or do you have a larger novelty party blower for raging infernos?

That hoodie might not only attract the attentions of young ladies, you know?

P.S. It does look more like Bart in your, quite frankly disgusting looking, soap.

Tim said...

Anthony - Hmm… now that you mention it…

Tara - Well, um, yes, maybe it does look a bit like…


(He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!)

Tara said...

I could imagine Homer Simpson's image showing up on a piece of bread, though. After all, bread is made from d'oh!

Tim said...


That's Tara, ladies and gentlemen - she'll be here all week!

(that did make me chuckle - good one!!)

missyandchrissy said...

a (belated) very merry christmas!

the idea of a muppet-y soft hoodie is AMAZING. although thank goodness it isn't least we know that cookie monster was spared!

BEAST said...

I agree with IVD it looks like Bart and the soap looks disgusting , what on earth have you been doing with it to get it that colour

Tim said...

MissyandChrissy - Oh my, you probably don't want to watch Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side if you're at all concerned about Cookie Monster…

Beast - It's sea vegetable soap from Lush and it's GOOOOOORGEOUS! Seriously, it smells WELL nice.

Does look like green shit though, I'll give you that.

the projectivist said...

looks like you got two jackets for the price of one there Tim.

you can swap it so that the lambs wool bit is on the outside when you go out to the pub. irresistible.

all the best for the new year!


Tim said...

But … but then I wouldn't have the soft furriness caressing me!

Happy New Year to you too, dear Projectivist!