Saturday, September 26, 2009


Lordy, it's been a week of highs and lows. Let's review some of them, shall we?

After the wild and reckless dancing at the ceilidh on Friday evening, I fully intended to skip yoga on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, something decided to take advantage of the brief respite in my exercise schedule, and I woke up with a niggly sore throat. Harumph! As the day wore on, though, I felt better, which was good because I wanted to go to a party being held by my local comic shop which, after 22 years, is changing hands. Unfortunately, in the evening I developed a temperature, so instead of partying with boozy comics-types I ended up retiring to the welcoming bosom of my sofa and in finest teenage girl stylee watched multiple episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Still not feeling 100% awesome on Sunday, I skipped yoga again and decided to head off to the cinema with the equally not-quite-feeling-100% Best Mate Jo. We saw the new Sam Mendes movie Away We Go, which was written by one of my favourite authors, Dave Eggers. It was a great little movie - understated, rich in story and characterisation, and featuring some great performances; just the sort of thing I've been into recently, and waaaaaaay better than the vast majority of this year's awful summer blockbusters. So if you couldn't guess already, I highly recommend it.

Continued to feel like crap throughout the week, so skipped both my usual run and yoga.

Not. Good.

Saw (500) Days of Summer at the cinema for the third time in two weeks. Seriously, I love this movie BIG TIME. It makes me smile, and each time I've left the cinema I've pretty much skipped back to my car while humming 'You Make My Dreams' by Hall and Oates. I think one of the reasons I've enjoyed this film so much is the fact that I can relate to the main character a little too much, which probably means that if anyone reading this now goes and sees it you're more than likely going to leave a comment recommending some sort of therapy.


In related matters, check out this music video featuring the star of (500) Days of Summer, and directed by its, er, director!

Two highs in a row? Is that allowed? Outrageous. Anyhoo, feeling a little bit bored on Thursday evening I decided to play around with my computer and Apple TV a bit by trying out the digital copy of the Rolling Stones concert movie Shine a Light. Digital copy, for anyone who doesn't know, is something some film companies have been trying out with new DVD releases - basically you get a second disc with the DVD that allows you to put a copy of the DVD on your computer. In the case of Apple stuff, you basically pop the disc in your computer, enter a code, then, as far as I can see, it just downloads you a free copy from the iTunes store. And it's a one-time thing only, so don't go emailing me asking for the code, you cheeky monkey.

Anyway, so I downloaded the digital copy of Shine a Light, zipped it across to my Apple TV, then enjoyed the sight of Mick Jagger dry-humping Christina Aguilera on my big telly while I did the washing up. Nice.

And, BONUS: I popped Shine a Light on my iPhone too; now I've got a little Jagger in my pocket everywhere I go, and even better - the Apple TV tells my iPhone where I last watched up to, so I can start watching from the point I left off.

I got some really awesome looking boots last year. Unfortunately, though, they've recently taken to trying to annihilate my feet. I wore them a few weeks back and ended up with a MA-hoosive blister on the heel of my left foot. Seriously, it was like a water bed or something. And because I'm a boy and we do such things, I picked at it until it burst. I reckon at least two litres of fluid came out.

Anyway, I decided to wear them again on Friday because they can't just sit around the house looking pretty; like a wild horse, they need to be broken in. By midday I was in something approaching agony, and ended up spending the afternoon padding around the office in my socks, fending off a veritable raft of cheese jokes from sympathetic colleagues.

I'd arranged to meet Yazzle Dazzle for a coffee after work, though, and while there are many things I'll do with my socks on, walking down the Goldhawk Road isn't one of them. And so the boots went on again … and let's just say about an hour later I was walking back to my car in a most bizarre fashion.

Still, Round 3 to me: I remembered I've got some wicked-comfy innersoles at home, so I slipped them in the boots and they are my bitches now. This will be confirmed in about two weeks when the epic blisters I have on both heels have sufficiently diminished in size to allow me to actually get my feet in the boots again.

And finally … the TRAUMA.
So this morning, I decided I'd head on back to yoga after not having done any exercise for about 10 days. It all started rather well - aside from the posture where you have to reach around and hold your heels from behind, because that just *killed* my blisters - and I was even doing well when we got to Full Locust Pose and the teacher announced to the class that I always excel at this posture because I imagine myself as being Jennifer Gray in Dirty Dancing (although I maybe didn't do it so well this time because I was laughing so much). Towards the end of the class, though, it all started to fall apart a bit.

And by 'a bit' I mean 'a lot.'

It all started with me getting a bit light-headed. Next thing I know I was feeling a bit nauseous (I did not want to be the first person to spew on the new flooring they had put down last month), and getting pins and needles. In my face. Seriously - in my FACE! What's that all about?! So anyway, I chilled out during the last 10 minutes of class, and then for another 10 afterwards, and after that I was OK. It was kind of like how I felt after my first class back in June, but worse I guess because of having been a bit ill, not having done any exercise for a while, and thinking that I could just jump back into it where I left off in the last class.

I plan on going tomorrow morning just to help me get used to it again, but I'll be taking it a bit easier. Still, if I haven't posted anything by the end of next week, you can pretty much assume it finished me off. You're very welcome to send flowers or donations.


Tara said...

I still need to see 500 Days of Summer. I like both the guy who was in 3rd Rock from the Sun and the girl who was in "Elf". It looks like an addictive, romantic comedy.

I'm sorry you were sick! I hate sore throats, but not as much as I hate nausea. Hope you're feeling better!

Dinah said...

Ew - face pins and needles? That sounds scary! I'm glad you're okay. And even though I'm late to the party, I love "where the wild Tims are."

Tim said...

Tara - Yes, you need to see it!! Go now, don't hesitate!!

Dinah - Yeah, face pins and needles! It was a bit weird, but it passed pretty quickly, thankfully!

CyberPete said...

I hope you are still feeling better. I am now over my illness except I'm a little sneezy.

I'd love to see how comics guys such as yourself parties.

Tim said...

Glad to hear it; we can't have you feeling under the weather!

The last comics party I went to was the one where I dressed as Clark Kent with an open shirt and a Superman t-shirt underneath. That's generally how they go.

CyberPete said...

Do the others also dress up as Batman, Poison Ivy, Superman etc.?

Because that sounds like fun and makes your Clark Kent (albeit hot) fade a bit.

Tim said...

Oh, trust me, at the last one I had without a doubt the least impressive costume. Any fool can put a Superman t-shirt on under a white shirt - it takes real dedication to dress as a picture-perfect Rorschach from Watchmen…

BEAST said...

Well what a rollacoaster of a wek you have had . Re the blisters , i you pop the blister with a sterilised needle and thread , leave the thread dangling out of the blister (Tie in a girly bow if you have to) , it wicks off the fluid gently and makes them dry up uickly but leaves the skin protecting the new skin underneath(A useful thing I remember from karate :-) )

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Pah to flowers or donations!!

* packages up self to Sparky Towers *

Tim said...

Beast - That's … gross!! To be honest, I just clipped into them with some nail clippers and let it all splash out on the floor. Job done, and I get to pick the skin off in the next couple of days.

Inexplicable Device - You know there'd be no one here to open your box. Chances are you'd suffocate.

CyberPete said...

That sounds both fascinating and slightly disturbing.

Can I come?

BEAST said...

Did you have to mention 'opening IVD's box'

Tim said...

Cyberpete - You want to watch me pick dead skin off my feet?

Beast - Ugh. Gross. I should've read that back before posting it.

CyberPete said...

Um, no?

I'd like to watch you save the world as either Superman or Batman (circa Batman and Robin) or maybe Poison Ivy?

WV: multivie

Tim said...

I could never wear a batsuit with prominent nipples circa Batman and Robin.

CyberPete said...

Awww why not?

It looked great, and you know it.

Tim said...

It was an abomination, and you know it.