Tuesday, September 15, 2009


After a particularly arduous yoga class on Saturday morning, I returned to my car, which I'd parked in a nearby side street, only to find that it had been interfered with in my absence.

Let's get this straight right away: I do not like people attaching things to my car - y'know, flyers under windscreen wipers, that sort of thing. Mostly because it either a) rains and they turn to mush on my windscreen, or b) I don't realise they're there until I'm driving, and then they just irritate me. Plus, I don't like strangers touching Clubbie.

Anyway, on this pleasant Saturday morning I returned to Clubbie to find this attached to the driver's side window with a small rubber sucker.

As a bit of a car buff, I know that the new MiTo is Alfa Romeo's Mini competitor, albeit one that looks a little bit like a surprised frog. I detached the offending item with an admittedly satisfying and somewhat comical popping sound, initially believing that Clubbie had been targeted purely because it's a Mini; upon glancing around, however, I noticed that all the cars in the road had been MiTo'd.

I opened up the card to see what it was exactly that Alfa Romeo thought I 'might need.'

And subsequently fell about laughing, because if they think I'm going to sell my Mini Clubman for something based on a Vauxhall Corsa that looks like it once guest-starred on Sesame Street they've got another thing coming.

I feel that they need to know this, as well. The inside of the card has the address of the dealer who distributed this card, so I'm going to return it to them anonymously.

Why? Because I have too many stamps and nothing better to do, that's why.


the projectivist said...

i hate those stupid flyers too, Tim. i especially hate it when i don't notice that i've had one attached until i'm actually driving!

the worst thing is having nobody to vent against. it's a silent crime, Tim. i would like you to find the perpetrators and superglue that flyer to their windscreen.

that'll learn 'em.

Ponita in Real Life said...

'Surprised frog'... very apt description, Tim!

CyberPete said...


At least it was attached with a sucker (not very unlike the people who buy it?) was it water resistant and plasticy?

When I see them (I don't own a car) I silently snicker and hope they are parking tickets for illegal parking and such

BEAST said...

I find the car reminicent of IVD making that face. I always said no god would come of joining the EU

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Bwah hah hah hah haa! Surprised frog the MiTo may be, but surely it's better than the bloated gupppy that is the MINI?
Still, it's an annoying marketing/publicity stunt and if more people did buy Alfas they wouldn't be as exclusive as they currently are. *cough*notliketenapennyMINIs*cough*

* fires BEASTS own soiled pants back at him with MJ's bra-tapult *

Tim said...

The Projectivist - I'd find the perpetrators and glue it to their face!

Ponita - Not a fan then, eh?

Cyberpete - The card wasn't waterproof, so it was lucky it was a nice day!

Beast - Eeek! Alfa's latest styling direction is modeled after IDV?!

Inexplicable Device - *ducks soiled pants* Ooo, defensive much!? Ha ha ha! And what's a 'gupppy?' To be honest, I actually don't mind the MiTo, it's just that I don't think they've been totally successful in applying elements of the 8C to a three-door hatchback. I think the front overhang is too long, for one. The back's great, though, and apparently they've finally nailed the reliability issues that have plagued them for the last 100 years (snigger!).

For a long time I wasn't too sure about the front of the current Mini (the raised bonnet line that was forced on them because of crash regulations), which is why I prefer the Clubman to the current hatch - I think it balances out the design better. Still, the design has grown on me, and I now like the hatch just as much as the other variants.

Tara said...

Oh definitely send it! You'll be like the Rosa Parks of the Mini Cooper world...or something like that. It is definitely worth a stamp.

When I see stuff on my windshield, it startles me a bit, because cars are ticketed that way, and I have to stop and think if there's a reason why my car would get a ticket.

Tim said...

Tara - Yeah, I have the same feeling! There's a momentary panic before you release it's just an annoying flyer - then the rage comes!!