Monday, August 24, 2009

In homage, Part IV

Drawn 21/10/95 - 22/10/95. Counselor Troi is breathalysed as part of the investigation into the destruction of the Enterprise. I don't know why I made Troi's head so massively out of scale here; I've met Marina Sirtis and she has a perfectly normal, rather lovely shaped head. On the plus side I did give her awesomely perky tits and a stunning hourglass figure, so I think it all evens out in the end. Rather less forgiveable, though, is the shocking lack of a correct sense of scale; that registration number should be waaaaaaaaay bigger than it is here. I hang my head in shame.

Drawn 22/10/95 - 23/10/95. A couple of months before I drew this it was announced that Worf was joining the cast of Deep Space Nine, so I decided to fill in a gap in the continuity. I'd always thought of Riker as something of a jock, so I adjusted his costume here to resemble an American Football uniform, and had him chucking a ball at the departing, overly emotional Worf (another blatant disregard of Star Trek lore on my part - *everyone* knows Klingons don't have tear ducts). None of this explains why Captain Picard appears to be groping his own arse, though, but if it keeps him happy, so be it - make it so, you pervert!

Next: An epic finale!


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Christ! How did Troi do her hair? It looks like she stuck it in a replicator.

Yay! First!

Tim said...

Fried by phaser.

CyberPete said...

Troi's hair looks like one of IVDs hats.

Maybe Picard is trying to prevent getting prostate cancer?

Tara said...

Worf's weapon thingy doesn't quite fit in his little sack there. Couldn't you have given him a bigger backpack? Sheesh.

Great drawings, looking forward to the next one!

Tim said...

Cyberpete - I would've thought they might've cured that by the 24th century. IDV's hair and prostate problems, I mean.

Tara - "Worf's weapon thingy"? Bless your Star Trek naivety!!

Tara said...

Hehe. >:-)...What, not the right terminology?

CyberPete said...

You'd think so, but judging from the videos we've seen of our dainty IDV, I'm sure he's getting regular check ups

Tim said...

Tara - Nope, perfect; that's what I'm going to call it from now on!

Cyberpete - *voms*