Sunday, June 26, 2011

A sterling effort

Have you ever compared yourself to a character from a television show? I guess I have in the past - I mean, Captain Kirk is a charismatic leader whose skills can be applied rather well to a multitude of office-based situations (as long as you don't send any colleagues dressed in red to their doom), while Spock's logical approach works equally well when pressed into service during those more trying times.

Elsewhere I suppose I was impressed by Lorelai Gilmore's chipper attitude in even the most trying of times, and her ability to get a small business off the ground and make it into a success. Very worthy attributes, I'm sure you'll agree.

More and more in the last couple of months, though, I've found myself bringing qualities from this character into my life:

Sterling Mallory Archer.

On the face of it, Archer has plenty of commendable qualities: he's a dashing man in his thirties with a sophisticated dress sense, a secret agent, and a hit with the ladies. On the surface he's all round awesome.

On the downside, though, he's an alcoholic man-child with an overbearing mother who frequently gets himself into trouble and who is surrounded by bumbling idiots.

Since I started watching Archer (I blitzed the season one boxset in an afternoon) I've found myself picking up on a lot of his catchphrases (as often happens with a nerd like me); it started with a chuckle and a random "awesome," progressed to a frankly outspoken "whatever" when confronted with someone telling me something I had no interest in, and has now progressed to me randomly singing "daaaaaaaanger zone!" in a falsetto voice like this:

Which can sometimes be a bit awkward when you're in the middle of Hammersmith. I said it one time and the lady sitting at the table next to me outside Secret Starbucks got up and left.

I have also started making slightly inappropriate comments about 'tips,' which I think might get me in trouble at some point if someone gets the reference.

*wonders if woman outside Secret Starbucks got the reference and thought I was one step away from making a tip comment to her*

Heh heh. Awesome.

At this rate it won't be too long before I start wearing black turtleneck jumpers.

The only way I know my transformation is not yet complete is that I haven't started daytime drinking. But, y'know, that could happen at, like, any time.



Tara said...

That show is advertised here, but I'm not interested. I'd be much more interested if I was sitting nearby in Starbucks and heard you quote from the show, though.

I blitzed the 2nd season of "Dexter" in one day and will probably do the same with the other seasons. If I start mimicking Dexter's habits, that would be scary.

Tim said...

Ignoring for a moment the fact that you don't watch Archer (you should, it's awesome) - YOU WATCHED AN ENTIRE SEASON OF DEXTER IN A DAY!?


Tara said...

Actually - looking back on it, I'm finding it hard to believe I watched the entire 2nd season in a day. Maybe half of it one day, half of it the other. Probably not the whole thing. Strike that from the record.

Course, it is easier to watch them during the weekend when work doesn't get in my way.

Tim said...

Don't shatter the illusion, Tara. I've always wanted to blitz a 26-episode boxset in a day but I know I'd end up a sweaty mess four episodes in (Archer was only 10 20 minute episodes).