Saturday, October 02, 2010


Last night I went somewhere that has immediately become MY NEW FAVOURITE PLACE and did something that swiftly became MY NEW FAVOURITE THING.

It was in Kings Cross. No, not *that* you filth-bag.

A couple of weeks back, thanks to the social networking behemoth that is Twitter, I found out about a place on Caledonian Road called Drink, Shop & Do. Rather than bang on in my own ditzy childlike way about what it's all about, I'll let the people who run it explain (because, quite frankly, they know best):

After reading that I decided I HAD TO GO.

And so last night a few of us went along - to take part in dot-to-dot-to-disco. Now, when I told people I was off to do dot-to-dot-to-disco I got lots of blank stares followed by "what's that?" This can only lead me to believe that there's some kind of stupidity virus going around at the moment, because what else could dot-to-dot-to-disco be than dot-to-dot pictures done to the tune of disco music? OF COURSE.

What I wasn't quite prepared for, however, was how awesome Drink, Shop & Do is from the moment you step in the door. It's a mish-mash world of retro furniture and bright colours that somehow all seem to coordinate beautifully. And did I mention the building used to be a Victorian bathhouse? No? Well it did. It's all high ceilings and ornate fixtures. And lampshades made out of jay-cloths.

It's shambolic and beautiful and I want to live there.

So, safely ensconced in the 'shop' part, I turned my attention to the 'drink.' What shall I have … oh, what's a coke float? It's coke with a dollop of ice cream in it. Really? Marvellous - I'll have one of those (or rather four - shhhhh!).

When the nice lady brought it to our table she set it down in front of me and with a smile on her face and a glint in her eye cheerfully said "that'll explode when you stir it."

My terrifyingly explosive coke float pre-detonation.

I looked at my drink a little warily, then thought "of course it won't explode," and started stirring.

It exploded.

Well, a slight exaggeration perhaps, but it fizzed madly and threatened to spill over the top of the glass so quickly that I had to start frantically guzzling it through the straw to prevent it from running on to the nicely laminated table and thereafter my lap.

And then we came to the 'do.'

We - along with quite a few other people who had turned up - were handed dot-to-dot sheets and a glass of vibrantly-coloured felt-tip pens, and told that the effort judged to be the best would win a free drink. In total we each had three different sheets to complete, all of which showed an album cover. The winner would be judged on their colouring in skills. Oh, and to fulfil the disco aspect of dot-to-dot-to-disco, awesome disco music played throughout the evening's proceedings.

This was The Emotions, apparently. No, I've never heard of them either.

This looked familiar but I couldn't think of the artist. Still can't, to be honest, but I later enhanced my effort here with hugely-defined boobs in the possibly mistaken belief that it was a lady.

Assuming that I was doing a brilliant job here, I was slightly mortified when the lovely lady who'd brought me my explosive beverage swung by our table and looked at my masterpiece. "Is this yours?" she asked. "Yes!" I replied, thinking she'd spotted an early winner. She nodded once. "Hmmm. You've lost."

As a result, I determined that I'd really have to bring my A-game to the third sheet. I grabbed my purple felt-tip and, with my tongue poking out the side of my mouth as a sign of my increased determination, furiously set to work. Simple colouring in would not suffice here: I needed to freestyle. I did this by adding an illustration of Garfield to the picture.

WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT HILARIOUS FAT CAT?! Before submitting this work of art to the judges, I also added my name to the top left-hand corner in a jazzy 1980s typeface. I didn't want some random trying to claim responsibility for my masterpiece!

With my artistic labours complete, I settled back with another coke float, a mouthful of an orgasm-inducing chocolate brownie, and some serious Connect-4 action. Oh yes, they had board games as well. A couple at the next table started dancing to a 70s disco hit (sadly they did not break into a zombie routine when Michael Jackson's Beat It came on next). Some bloke came in, paused at the entrance and marvelled at the room in which he found himself like a little kid unleashed upon Disney Land (except little kids usually don't mutter "what the fuck?!" in amazement). Pear drops and pink shrimps were passed around. I had felt-tip ink all over my hands.

And then I won first place in the dot-to-dot competition. I threw my arms in the air like I'd just won the Grand National. My prize was a drink of my choice, so I had another coke float. Lee cut my straw in half with some scissors, but I was so hopped up on coke, ice cream, and the sweet taste of victory that I didn't care. It was an utterly, totally unexpectedly brilliant evening.

What I'm getting at then, is that if you find yourself wandering the streets of London YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY go to Drink, Shop & Do. There should be one of these places on every street. I'm planning to go back next Saturday. Why? To make a clay David Bowie head of course.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

This sounds like my kind of place. Especially the coke float part. I haven't had one of those since I was a child.

Congratulations on winning the dot-to-dot-disco thingy!

CyberPete said...

I'm going there next time I'm in London and I expect to meet you there hopped up on coke floats.

CyberPete said...

I completely forgot to comment on the whole Kings Cross issue and bath house. I am frankly a little shocked that you would visit such a place Timothy. The filth!

Princess said...

Congratulations Tim.

what a fantastic way to fill in a day. congratulations on your astounding win!

"Coke Floats" are called "Spiders" (Don't ask me why)
Down Under...they are a great hit when i take my young nieces out for a treat.

I knew that bath houses could always provide good clean fun...

Have you sent in your account for the advertising fees to the new owners? Your report makes me want to fly over and give it a whirl...

Oh hai Pete/Xl...

Princess said...

Oops Im having a fit of the MJ's

I meant to say hai to Mr DeVice...appologies toa all....Silly Princess....

Joseph Lidster said...

You played Connect Four again? How did that go?

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - You know they're relatively easy to make, don't you. It's basically just coke and ice cream.

Cyberpete - Done.

And it's not filthy anymore.

Princess - Spiders? What?!

Joe - YES! And I was reasonably successful until it came to playing Lee. He has some sort of strange unholy Connect 4 power. It's like he's got THE FORCE or something.

Tara said...

When I'm out of credit card dept, I need to plan some vacations. I will have to visit England for sure - and Ireland - to reach out to distant ancestors. All about the heritage and such.

Tara said...

...and dot-to-dot-to-disco.

Tim said...

Tara - It's ALWAYS about the dot-to-dot-to-disco.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I know they're easy to make, but I don't really drink coke or eat ice-cream.

Oh gods. I'm old, aren't I?

P.S. New Coven line-up is posted. I hope you approve?

WV is after. Ummm... Yes. I did tell you after. Maybe I should have consulted you first?

CyberPete said...

Maybe they could do a Sprite float?

I don't do Coke after I found out that you can use it as toilet cleaner.