Friday, July 03, 2009

Help me

You may have noticed that when I post pictures of my car I obscure the number plate. I don't know why I do this, because anyone who sees it in the metal can see the number plate, but I just do.

But here I'm not going to.

One week before I bought Clubbie, Big Bro bought this: a new VW Scirocco, registration number LM58 NNC. It's been his pride and joy for the last three months, and on Thursday 2nd July it was stolen.

Between six and seven in the morning, someone broke into my parents' house specifically to find the keys to Big Bro's car. It looks like it was a professional job - that they'd scoped the house out and took every precaution against leaving any identifiable evidence. And when they found the keys, they took it.

I don't live there anymore, but I feel absolutely violated; I can only imagine what my family feel like. Big Bro worked long and hard to save up for this car, and I'm outraged that - and I don't use such language often here, so please excuse me in this instance - some fucker would take it from him. Not only that but they broke into our house - I might not live there now, but that house will forever be my home. God knows what would've happened if they'd been disturbed. The thought of anyone putting my family in danger makes my blood boil.

So I'm going to ask a favour because I cannot just sit here and do nothing. I want to find that car and those responsible for taking it. I'm under no illusion that I'll succeed - but I cannot help but think that those of you that read this are spread so far and wide around the country - and the world - that maybe we can try.

So here we go: it's a red Volkswagon Scirocco 2.0 litre GT - there aren't many of them around in that colour - with the DSG semi-automatic gearbox and a full black cloth interior. Please, please, please - if you see a red Scirocco would you do me a favour and just do a double take? Just give it a couple of seconds of your time; if the number plate is LM58 NNC (yeah, I know that's probably been changed by now, but on the off chance it hasn't…) please call the Police and report it.

And I'd be doubly grateful if you would repost this on any other forums or blogs just so it spreads as far and wide as possible.

If this doesn't work, well, at least we tried.

Many thanks to you all,



Tara said...

That is so creepy and horrible that someone would break into a house - and it would make me extremely uneasy to think what would've happened if someone had been home.

Tim said...

I know, awful isn't it? I like to think that there's good in everyone, but then you find some scumbag who does something like this.

I can only hope that something suitably karmic befalls the bastard.

T-Bird said...

How goes the search? Any luck?

I'll be crossing my toes, fingers and eyes hoping Sparky Bro gets some new on his hot wheels.

Emma said...

I'm so sorry Tim, that is just awful. As a teenager a man tried to break into my family home while I was at home alone. It just makes you feel so angry that anyone would dare to invade your home. I hope your parents and brother are ok. These people are just scum and will get what they deserve eventually. xx

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Consider it spread.

I really hope these thieves are caught and your Big bro's car is retrieved in it's immaculate state.

A curse on the despicable scumbags who were involved.

eroswings said...

I'm sorry to about the horrible trouble that has befallen your family. I really do hope they catch those thieving bastards! I hope your brother's car is recovered in good condition, and I hope your family regains some sense of safety. It's a terrible thing to have one's home broken into and then have them steal something! Surely someone in the neighborhood saw something!

I'll be sure to spread the word.

Tim said...

Hi All - Thank you all so much for your kind words; I was just over with my family and I was telling them all about your comments and they were so grateful.

No news yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn up and something suitably nasty will happen to those responsible.

CyberPete said...

I hope they find those bastids!

And naturally the hot looking car in perfect condition.